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Here are some more dressers for you to look at. They were not all sold when I posted them here, but they are still good for reference so that you can see before and afters to give you more confidence when looking at just the before.


Item # H109 SOLD
This little dresser looks quite plain now, but if you imagine it all waxed with a nice plinth around the bottom and a cornice to finish off the top, you are looking at a really good looking little dresser.
47"w x 22"d x 76"h
Item # H105 SOLD
This dresser is going to be so nice once it has been restored - not looking quite so much like a humbug as it does now. Three doors to the top section and two drawers over two big doors to the bottom.
59"w x 22"d x 80"h
Item # AY504 SOLD
Here is a rare find, a nice old genuine Irish pine dresser. Trust me, this is going to look absolutely stunning when we have stripped and restored it. It has three sliding doors to the top and the bottom is a very typical Irish combination of drawers to the outside and a door in the centre. Well our lovely customers are going to have this painted and we are going to make the lower drawers into two very useful cupboards with just one drawer over this space...Shame we delivered it before the sun got up enough to take a good photo, but I hope you can see how wonderful it turned out.
83"w x 27"d x 85"h 
Item # H110 SOLD
I know what you are thinking...but hey they work together and they have been together for years in the same house, so who are we to say that they do not belong together. To be honest once they are in the same colour wax you will not know that they were ever painted in this mis-match fashion.
51"w x 20"d x 78"h

Item # E219 SOLD
This little dresser is really clean and was really well made, it has really cute little feet on it too. It has nice detail to the top half under the doors.
43"w x 21"d x 73"h

Item # T104 SOLD
This is an amazing dresser because it is all one piece. The sides are solid from top to bottom, as always it does not have to stay this way. How good did this one turn out? It looks a million times better than when it started. Great.
48" x 22" x 76"


Item # H127 SOLD
This bow-fronted dresser is just wonderful. It has three drawers over three doors, which seem to have quite a Celtic design on them - don't panic though because the panels can be turned around if you would rather plain doors. The drawers slightly overhang the doors too, which is a smart touch.
58"w x 20"d x 79"h

Item # E125 Bottom SOLD
I think someone thought stripping this dresser would be a good idea, then realised how much work is involved. It will look great once we have restored it. Nice tram lines to the lower doors.
42"w x 19"d x 75"h


Item # K128 SOLD
This dresser can only benefit from a complete overhaul. It will be a really good looking piece once it has been put back together again.
49"w x 21"d x 86"h


Item # H122 SOLD
There is a lot going on with this dresser. Plenty of different types of storage choices here. Drawers all down the centre, drawers over the doors to the sides, plus all the little drawers to the top section too. Well as you can see the bottom half was turned into a free-standing island with a solid oak top. That is nothing compared to how the top part turned out...a pair of bedsides
53"w x 23"d x 82"h

Item # K178 SOLD
This was our smallest dresser, very cute, its going to look lovely once it has been restored. It is a very good size
38"w x 18"d x 73"h


Item # H186 SOLD
This is such a cute little gallery dresser. The dark brown paint does not do it any favours and it will sell really quickly at this size.
28"w x 18"d x 62"h

Item # H103 SOLD
This is a really good looking dresser with some different features. The suspended drawer is quite unusual, so are the rounds on the top cornice. This one also has the original pull-out bread slide above the drawers.
49"w x 23"d x 83"h

 Item # H112 SOLD
This little dresser may well end up being sold as just a little dresser base and we may lose those shelves altogether. We will leave that up to our customers.
35"w x 18.5"d x 39" (65 with shelf)

Item # E149 SOLD
This is a really good, early piece. The quality of the wood is amazing. Its very solid, and still has the original pull-out bread slide. Nice to have the three doors on the bottom unit too.
71"w x 24"d x 72"h


Item # K201 SOLD
I have posted this with the dresser, but it could be a bookcase just as easily. It has no drawers to the base, but quite tall glass doors to the top. This piece ended up being sold to different customers, the base went one way and if you click on the original pic you will see that the top ended up in half.
{that is our mate Morris looking on from the back of the van}
52"w x 20"d x 80"h





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