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Here are the dressers that we currently have in stock. I have put up pictures of the dressers in their original state, this is not done to frighten you, but to show you how they can be transformed into something amazing. We have customers that come to the warehouse and "buy" the dressers in their "original" state, on the understanding that they come back in a couple of weeks and see the finished item. If they like it, they buy it, if they do not the stock goes in the shop. Please note that the measurements at this stage are not set in stone, depth can be altered relatively easily, as can height. Width is a little more costly, but please do not dismiss something just on the grounds of the measurements being not quite right.
If you have any questions at all, please email us. In case it is not obvious, the photos go with the words on the left or right.



For Sale Item # JT112
This is a stunning old English Pine Dresser. We have completely restored it and have added the backboards and painted them in a shade of black. The base has three drawers across the top with two doors under and a little "dog kennel" in the centre.
62"w x 19"d x 91"h
157cm x 48cm x 231cm 
For Sale Item # BM103
This does not look too great right now, but once we have restored this old pine dresser to its former glory it will be just stunning. Remember that if its too high we can always alter it to suit your needs.
(yes, I know the top section is upside down!) 
81"w x 17"d x 103"h
    Item # DB103 SOLD
Here is another beautiful swan, currently disguised as an ugly duckling. Its going to look fabulous once we have restored it. One of the best things about it is the sliding doors on the base, so you do not need to have a huge room in order to open the doors. I am not sure if you can see, but there are really cute little drawers on the lower part of the top section.
6'w x 18"d x 89"h
 Item # AY1615 SOLD
This is a lovely pine dresser. Its not too deep, so it does not fill up a room too much. The top is very pretty with three little doors and an open area for display. The bottom offers two drawers over two doors, giving plenty of storage space. Look how wonderful this little beauty turned out, stripped, restored and re-painted in "Pointing" 
49.5"w x 19"d x 79"h


  Item # AY2615 SOLD
This is a good clean dresser, the original etched glass is good enough to keep, but we can always replace it with plain if desired. This comes in two pieces to make transport a bit easier.
45"w x 22.5"d x 85"h
   Item # E123 SOLD
This little dresser has quite a bit of detail on closer inspection. We have left most things original on this dresser. We changed the glass and the handles, but all the little kooky bits are the same. This is one to watch out for, we have to paint this one for our customers and replace the glass with solid timber, its going to look great.
49"w x 22"d x 76"h


 Item # A115 SOLD
This is a good sturdy dresser. It has nice turnings to support the top. With a strip and complete restoration, some new glass and a plinth this little baby will come up like a shiny new penny. It looks brilliant now we have restored it, a really sturdy, good looking solid pine dresser.
49"w x 20"d x 78"h

 Item # A152 Bottom reserved
This dresser has an unusual look about it. The proportions are not what we expect from a pine dresser. With the base being quite low. This would also make a great bookcase, or a display cabinet that is not a kitchen piece at all. The choice is yours.
47"w x 22"d x 80"h

 Item # T131 Bottom SOLD
Now this will be interesting to see how this turns out. I suspect that we may well split these pieces and sell them to different people, but the choice is yours. The top section could stay as it is or we could re-build the doors for you.
51"w x 20"d x 6'h


 For Sale Item # T102
This dresser is going to turn out great once it has been restored. It has four little drawers under the top cupboard and on the base there is a really deep drawer, and a pull-out bread slide above it.
48"w x 26"d x 72"h

  Item # T104 SOLD
This dresser is a little unusual - in that the top section has three doors, but they are split one, and then two together rather than three separate compartments. Nice with the one long drawer in the base too. This is going to look stunning, we have to re-size it and lose the centre door, then it is going to be painted in Blue Blood.
40"w x 19"d x 78"h

  Item # T187 SOLD
This dresser is lovely, I cannot wait to see what it looks like once we have restored it. It is currently the most wonderful pinky-purple colour. It currently has solid wooden doors to the top, but these can be glazed if you want a more "dresser" look. It also has the original bread slide too. This is all going to be waxed for our lovely customer, so watch this space for the after photo.
48"w x 20"d x 77"h


Item # A221 SOLD
Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is a very small dresser. It is original, even the odd coloured cornice - the feet have been added, but isn't it just one of the prettiest little dressers that you have ever seen. I can't imagine this will stay around for long.
26"w x 19"d x 64"h

  Item # T107 SOLD
This dresser looks quite ordinary, but if you look closely you can see that it has the most wonderful corners to the base, they are shaped, and I am sure that once we have stripped this piece and either waxed or painted it, it will be a really good looking dresser again. Nice single drawer too. Can't wait to see this one finished, we are putting old embossed glass back in the top doors too.
44"w x 20"d x 71"h

 Item # MN7515 SOLD
This is quite an amazing piece. It came from Liverpool I think and was used in a music school, it was still full of sheet music. It is a large piece and yet really shallow. The top section is glazed and the bottom has solid doors. It looks brilliant now we have restored it.
85"w x 11"d x 85"h - Doesn't look square does it?!

  Item # A104 SOLD
I have posted this one on the dressers page because occasionally these little gallery dressers do stay as they are. Of course there is also the chance that someone will just want the base unit and not the top. Well we could not have predicted that, for our customers on this dresser we had to cut down the depth and also replace the timber for glass in the lower doors. I think it turned out very well indeed.
39"w x 17"d x 61"h


 Item # T217 SOLD
This is a good looking dresser - the base has some great detail when you look close up. The top section is on little legs, so there is still a bit of space under the top section to work and store things. We are turning the base into an island, so watch this space for the after photo.
47"w x 21"d x 78"h



  Item # A101 SOLD
Don't ask - because I don't know.....I am not sure what those pieces of wood on the side are for at all - they serve no purpose other than aesthetics. It is a really good sized and good looking dresser. There is currently a mirror at the back of the middle section but this can be altered no problem at all. We have restored the bottom of this dresser and it has turned out really well.
55"w x 22"d x 72"h

 Item # A237 SOLD
This dresser has a bit of a deco feel to it with the little bits on the bottom doors. Its quite nice that is has three doors to the top. I know it will look so much better once we have got our grubby little hands on it. This is going to a wonderful new home, we are going to strip and wax it, and loose the gallery at the top. Watch this space.
43"w x 21"d x 78"h

 For Sale Item # T195
I know this little dresser looks a bit sad and un-loved right now, but we can breathe new life into him I promise. It has great potential - you will see.
42"w x 21"d x 71"h

Item # T190 Bottom SOLD
This is a really good size, and sturdy pine dresser. It has three doors to the top section with three little drawers either side. The base is two drawers over two doors. I think this would benefit from a nice cornice around the top. We are going to put an old open style top on this one and its all going to be waxed, for our lovely customers in Wales.
51"w x 20"d x 73"h

For Sale Item # A158
We will keep this one together until we sell it as it may well end up being split into top and bottom separately. The base has some lovely detail on it. This would work well if you hung the top part on the wall above the base, or we could use some old turnings and make it stand on the base.
46"w x 22"d x 69"h

  Item # OS210 SOLD
This is a lovely old English Pine dresser. The nice thing about this one is the sliding doors at the bottom. The great thing about sliding doors is that you do not need to have a lot of room to have to open the doors. We have finished this in an off-white.
59"w x 17"d x 89"h

 Item # T134 SOLD
Okay so not strictly a dresser, but it would make a great kitchen piece. We could replace the glass in the doors with timber and it would make a really handy larder. Actually it would make a good bedroom piece too - you may see this piece popping up on quite a few other pages.
34"w x 18"d x 71"h


Item # MJ1413 SOLD
This is a great old English Pine Dresser. Sorry its not a great photo. We have a base with three drawers over three doors - that all open the same way. It does have a very tall rack on it, but this can be altered to suit - or bought separately - I have listed the base on "Dresser Bases" too, so it does not have to stay together.
75"w x 17"d x 111"h
Item # T218 SOLD
This dresser is in such great condition. It has been looked after very well over the years. The glass has been painted in the top doors, but this can be changed for clear glass. The amazing thing is that there are six keys for this piece, everything is is lockable - even the drawers. Wow this has turned out just beautiful.
48"w x 23"d x 76"h
  Item # A226 SOLD
We can all see that this little guy is not going to win any beauty awards anytime soon, but we have the technology to turn this around. Trust me, it will come up great We actually ended up selling the top and bottom separately, doesn't the base look great with the little gallery on it.
39"w x 19"d x 72"h


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