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There are some more of these type of cupboards in the section "all purpose cupboards" but to make it fool-proof we have set up this section too, to make it easier to find what you are looking for. In the "before" state of these items, it is still possible to make changes, like size alterations, or maybe a change into a TV cabinet - whatever you are after, we can help. Please do not be afraid to email with your queries.

 Item # T133 SOLD
This is a really good looking base, it is quite tall but has good proportions. With a single drawer over two doors, it currently has a bracket foot. If you click on the image you can see how it looked before we started.
39" x 20" x 40"
Item # T135 SOLD
This base turned out well. We turned it upside down and extended it so that it could house a TV. If you click on the photo you can see the nice shade of green that it was when we first started.
Item # JM111 SOLD
This is a stunning English pine dresser base - with space saving sliding doors. All three doors slide. This offers maximum storage as there are no drawers it is all given over to cupboard space -and there is plenty of it.
74"w x 20"d x 37"h
 Item # T125 SOLD
Underneath this paint, this is a good looking base with a lot of potential, it has really heavy detail down the sides and a pretty bracket foot. Our customer was very brave in choosing this piece - well you click on the photo to see the before...would you have been so confident!!
39" x 18" x 39"


Item # JT104 SOLD
This Victorian base was a stunning example. It was sold within four hours of me buying it. It came out of a house in Bath and has gone to a lovely family up near Yorkshire - great piece.

Item # PM6101 SOLD
This little English sideboard is just delightful, it is solid pine with a fantastic Elm top - it is so tactile its wonderful, its a great size too. With a good drawer and door combination - lots of storage space.
50"w x 23"d x 35"h

Item # O178 SOLD
This is a great pine dresser base with three drawers over three doors offering lots of storage space. All solid pine.
56"w x 22"d x 37"h

Item # C138 SOLD
This is a good solid base - okay its not in the best of shape right now, but wait until we get our hands on it and restore it all, who knows what this will become. This is going to be a cupboard for a TV to stand on, so watch this space. If you click on the photo you can see what this piece looked like before we took the saw to it!
45"w x 22"d x 35"h

Item # K154 SOLD
This is a good sized dresser base can only look better once we lose the pink paint, it will probably end up with a plinth around the bottom too. Okay all done now and what a beauty! With a new oak top on to go in one of our kitchens this piece has been completely transformed.
42"w x 20"d x 36"h

Item # T127 SOLD
This certainly ended up looking a lot better than it started, if you click on the picture you can see the horrid brown paint that it was covered in.

Item # T132 SOLD
This is a good sized base, have not checked yet, but we are pretty sure that there are some nice doors lurking under there somewhere. This has sold as a dresser so watch this space for the end result.
42" x 19" x 38"

 Item # PM104 SOLD
This is a gorgeous English dresser base, and a great size too. We do have an old rack that would fit it perfectly. If you click on the photo you can see what it started like
62"w x 24"d x 35"h.

Item # T137 SOLD
These are fun panels on this dresser base, hasn't it turned out a bit different, we have added a much thicker oiled pine top and it makes a stunning bathroom unit.
If you click on the picture you can see what it was like before we started work on it.
41" x 19" x 37"

 Item # A223 SOLD
This is a cracking base. Its a really good size too. With two drawers over two doors, it offers lots of storage space. You can't really tell, but we had to cut the depth down on this base to just 15" and it looked really good in the bathroom that we delivered it too. Click on the photo to see the before state.
51"w x 24"d x 31"h

Item # AY405 SOLD
Just trust me on this one, its going to be gorgeous, I  just know it. Its a classic English pine dresser base - ok it needs a bit of work, but nothing we can't handle. You have to click on the photo to find out why I was trying to be so reassuring. It did have lovely crackly paint though.
47"w x 18"d x 36"h


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