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Here are yet more of these type of cupboards. With a couple of different ways that they can be adapted. Please do not be afraid to email with your queries.

Item # DWX01 SOLD
How stunning is this lovely English Dresser base? It is all solid yellow pine offering three drawers over three individual cupboards with lovely old knobs and catches.
89"w x 26"d x 3'h.
Item # RB112 SOLD
This wonderful dresser base was hiding away in a shed belonging to a very keen gardener. The owners thought it was worthless. (I have looked everywhere for the hidden money Ronnie!)  It offers three good sized drawers and two sliding doors - which is always useful when space is an issue. To see the before picture, click on the photo.
73"w x 21"d x 3'h


I think this now looks quite a lot like a nice small English dresser. Our customer was over the moon.
Item # SM207 SOLD
I haven't seen a dresser base this nice in years. You just don't find them like this anymore. Its a great combination of drawers and cupboard space, at this point it is still on its original feet, which we will probably keep.
67"w x 22"d x 3'h.

Item # PM208 SOLD
Now, this is certainly different. What a good looking base. All English and great quality pine. With a stunning original elm top. Good mix of drawers and doors with lots of storage space. If you click on the pic you can see the top better.
63"w x 26"d x 33"h

  Item # PM411 SOLD
This is a smashing Victorian English Pine Buffet, or side server, or dresser base, it is all completely original.

 Item # PM111 SOLD
This is a really unusual piece of furniture, it could go on any number of pages on this website. It is definitely one of those pieces that would look just as good in a bedroom or a living room as it would in a kitchen or dining room.
39"w x 20.5"d x 31"h.

Item # T124 SOLD
This little dresser base turned out really well. Its really cute with the little single drawer on the top to the left hand side.


Item # O165 SOLD
This is a cute little dresser base, with one door that has lovely arched panels on it. Beneath one single drawer.
29"w x 20"d x 3'h

Item # JW107 SOLD
This dresser base is an early English base with three drawers over three doors, all of the cupboards are sectioned off. The ends are panelled. Which means it looks good from the sides too. It could have a rack added. If you click on the photo you can see how sad it looked before
7'w x 20"d x 35"h.

Item # K155 SOLD
This is always going to be a ruff rustic look even when this is restored. It is quite an early piece and the doors are the type that hang-on the front with the really heavy hinges. Quite nice to just have the one long drawer too. Well this has morphed into something quite grand, check it out on our islands pages and see the back. Click on the photo for the before image.
49"w x 13"d x 39"h

Item # C159 SOLD
This lovely base is really early with its lovely "curly" panels. Its a really elegant shape as it is quite tall and not very wide. It has one deep drawer and offers lots of storage space. We may even sell it in the original paint.
34"w x 18"d x 39"h

Item # H128 SOLD
This little cupboard looks really English, it is quite plain and the nice thing about it is the fact that the depth is really narrow, so whilst offering lots of storage space it will sit nice and tight against a wall.
48"w x 11.5"d x 40"h

Item # H135 SOLD
This little base is rather cute, those shelves are just sitting on the top so if you just wanted the base on its own it would not leave any marks.
35"w x 19"d x 58"h (with top)

Item # PM209 SOLD
This cupboard is really gorgeous. It is classic old English and has been restored lovingly - if you click on the photo you can see what it looked like before we restored it. Good amount of storage space too.
48"w x 20"d x 33.5"h

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