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Here are some more of these type of cupboards. With a couple of different ways that they can be adapted. Please do not be afraid to email with your queries.

Item # H134 SOLD
This little dresser base in Olive green, can only really benefit from taking those horrendous blue plastic handles off! It will be really smart once it has been stripped and waxed with wooden knobs perhaps.
38"w x 17"d x 41"h

Item # E134 SOLD 
This little base will look a lot better once we have stripped that paint off and restored it all to its former glory. This little base has been turned into a TV cabinet, if you look closely you can see the drawer no longer pulls out, but it flaps down instead to reveal the satellite box etc.
37"w x 18"d x 38"h
 Item # H133 SOLD
Quite plain at the moment, and looking rather like its been plastered, this base is going to look really good once we have restored it.
43"w x 20"d x 35"h



Item # A118 SOLD
This has changed a bit from the before picture, click on the image to see. It has been "turned upside down" basically so that you can put a TV in the cupboard and store dvd's etc in the drawer.
38" x 20" x 36"

Item # JT105 SOLD
This has just arrived and it looks stunning. It measures 93" x 20" x 36". It has panelled ends, if you click on the image you can see what it looked like when we bought it.




Item # PM407 SOLD
This huge piece looks like it came out of a post office or something like that. We have added the doors to make it more usable and removed the slots - if you click on the picture you will see what I mean.
86"w x 18"d x 37"h

Item # H113 SOLD
These little bases always look great with those deep set arch-top panels. This is a really sturdy piece and has come up really well...shame we could not save that lovely old handle!!
40"w x 18"d x 38"h

Item # C168 SOLD
This is a really well built dresser base, in baby blue. It has one larger drawer over two doors and is a good size. It turned out really well.
40"w x 20"d x 40"w

Item # H162 SOLD
This is a good looking old base. It has already has a wash of paint on it, and if you wanted to you could keep the colour as it is, or we could strip it and wax it. Well it ended up being stripped and then re-painted in a lovely green.
39.5"w x 22"d x 38"h

Item # W175 SOLD
This is an early base, it has a lovely rounded panel to the lower door and nice detail down the sides.
32"h x 19"d x 39"h.

Item # W185 SOLD
This is another really good sized base, with the single door rather than the more usual two and just one drawer. Just look how it turned out, a top to finish it off and it sold to our customers in Japan.
28"w x 18"d x 39"h.

Item # C135 SOLD
This little base has endless uses. It could be one of those pieces that ends up in any room of the house. As it happens our customers are going to use this in the kitchen alongside a dresser they bought from us a little while ago.
26"w x 16"d x 36"h

Item # H177 SOLD
Well, I have posted this piece here as a dresser base, but if you click on the photo you can see what it really is, or should I say was. It opens up and becomes some sort of treatment bed - very clever. A fixed top is a possibility. If you click on the photo you can see it with the bed up in one position.
48"w x 21"d x 30"h

Item # T136 SOLD
This has got a really good look about it, its quite nice with the two drawers on the top as opposed to the more frequent one.
37" x 19" x 36"

 Item # H132 SOLD
This is a very grand dresser base, with its two-tone colours, its a really sturdy piece, with two good size drawers over two doors, nice details to the sides too.
40"w x 19"d x 33"h

Item # E135 SOLD
The paint on this base is not doing it any favours at all, this will look really pretty with its nice little shaped plinths. How funny, we had to cut the bottom off for our customer that bought this piece, but it does still look rather wonderful.
39"w x 18"d x 42"h

Item # AY3212 SOLD
This is a lovely old English base. It is quite shallow, which is always a good thing. It offers two doors and plenty of storage inside. This gorgeous base ended up travelling to its new home in the back of a Golf all the way to sunny Guildford.
62"w x 19"d x 36"h

Item # E133 SOLD
Shame this paint is not quite good enough to keep, its a stunning green. This is a lovely base with two little drawers. Well this took on a whole new life as a TV cabinet, so we cut down the height, added some feet and made it generally look rather lovely. Click on the pic to see the before photo.
43"w x 20"d x 37"h

Item # H137 SOLD
These little bases with single doors are getting really hard to find now, but they do have a lot of good uses. This is a really old one.
33.5"w x 22"d x 41"h

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