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There are some more of these type of cupboards in the section "all purpose cupboards" but to make it fool-proof we have set up this section too, to make it easier to find what you are looking for. In the "before" state of these items, it is still possible to make changes, like size alterations, or maybe a change into a TV cabinet - whatever you are after, we can help. Please do not be afraid to email with your queries.


 Item # BG102 SOLD
This dresser base is just beautiful, there I have said it. It has such a pleasing look and is a wonderful size. It has three big, deep drawers over two open pot-board spaces for displaying nice things.
93"w x 19"d x 38"h
236cm x 48cm x 96cm 
 For Sale Item # MN3515
Come on you know better than that! Do not judge this little guy until we have worked our magic on it, it is going to look just great once we have stripped that paint off of him and lost those feet.
43"w x 18"d x 28"h
    Item # KP103 SOLD
I have a lot of faith in this little pine dresser base. I think once we stripped it and restored it back to its former glory, it became a really good-looking piece. With the sliding doors too, it means that you do not to need to have lots of room to open the doors. Click on the photo for the before shot.
47"w x 16"d x 30"h
 For Sale Item # A233
This is a really nice looking base. It has two rounded drawers over two doors. It has a nice "English Rose" look about it.
44"w x 18"d x 36"h

 Item # A232 SOLD
This base is going to look beautiful one day, it just needs a bit of attention. It has the makings of a great little base, good shaped panels to the doors and one long drawer across the top.
39"w x 18"d x 38"h

 Item # A222 SOLD
This base looks fantastic now, click on the photo to have a look at what it looked like before we started. Our customers wanted something that would look great underneath a window that they could store clothes in. Perfect.

 Item # PM707 SOLD
This is such a pretty little sideboard. Very English, and we have kept all of the original handles and feet. It has panelled sides too, so would look good on a wall where you could still see the sides. There was a little mirrored gallery on the original pic which you can see if you click on the photo, we do still have this and it can be added if that is what is wanted.
42"w x 19"d x 32"h

 Item # MJ1413 SOLD
This is a great English dresser base that has just come in. It does have a rack, but I know how popular the bases are on their own, so I have listed it on the site twice. It has three drawers over three doors - that all open the same way.
75"w x 17"d x 39"h

 Item # A184 SOLD
This little base has nice shaped panels on the doors. Its amazing to think that this look is all done with paint. Well we ended up cutting this one down in height and making the drawer flap down so that it can be used as a TV cabinet.
38"w x 19"d x 39"h

 Item # T206 SOLD
This is a really cute little dresser base. It is Hungarian, but looks quite English. It has one single drawer across the top of two, two-panelled doors. It looks gorgeous now it has been restored.
37"w x 19"d x 34"h


 Item # H131 SOLD
This is a good size for a little base cupboard. They always look quite a lot smaller when they just have the one drawer across the top. Nice panels too.
38"w x 19"d x 40"h

 Item # H129 SOLD
This little base is quite rustic. By that I mean that even after restoration, it is always going to look quite country, really nice piece though. Wow this has turned out so well, we have just added a little plinth and done a total restoration.
38"w x 17.5"d x 36"h

Item # H130 SOLD
This base has got quite few nice features, they will all become more visible once it has been stripped of the paint and taken back to natural wood.
39"w x 15"d x 41"h

 Item # A183 SOLD
This base has a lot of things going for it. It has good oval panels to the doors and the single drawer. It also has a lot of detail down the side too. Didn't that turn out well, it looks fabulous and our customers loved it.
39"w x 19"d x 37"h

Item # E181 SOLD 
This little cupboard has been "crafted" out of a slightly bigger dresser base that used to have two drawers too. If you click on the photo you can see what we started with before our customers requested a little tv cupboard in a specific size.
41"w x 18"d x 39"h

Item # H169 SOLD
This is a really useful little base, its small enough to go under a window or something. It would also look good at the end of a child's bed with  toys in it.
37"w x 16.5"d x 25"h

Item # AY404 SOLD
This is a stunning English dresser base. We have restored it and painted it Farrow and Ball "French Grey". If you click on the photo you will see what we started with. If you go to the dressers page you will also see that we have married it up to a nice old English top and made a stunning dresser out of it.
68"w x 23"d x 38"h

Item # JT111 - SOLD
This is a great old dresser base, English, Victorian, three drawers over two doors - we will make the centre panel into a door.
Well we bought this yesterday and I sold it before I had chance to get the photo on here. Watch out for the after photo.
5'w x 16"d x 3'h.

 Item # JT211 SOLD
Well there is not a lot of this old dresser left is there? We can re-build it, we have the technology! It won't be any time soon - unless it sells, but keep an eye out for a spectacular finished article. Well this is going to turn out even better than expected, our customers in Frome would like us to build drawers in the missing spaces and this is going to go in a recess in their bedroom. Watch this space.
7'3"w x 23"d x 36"h





Item # A101 SOLD
This is a really pretty little dresser base. It has three drawers across the top, a pull-out Bread-slide above them. It has a dog-kennel effect in the centre with two doors either side of centre. A really great piece.
54"w x 22"d x 35.5"h


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