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Here at Ministry of Pine, we know a lot of other dealers who sell stuff alongside us at the fairs and markets that we do. However, not all of them have the time or the inclination to get their stock "out there" and thats where these pages come into their own. The items that you see listed here are for sale, and can be bought in the same ways as all of our stock, it just means that you, as the customer have access to so many more pieces, of differing ages, genre's and materials. If you have any questions at all about these pieces, please just email me in the normal way.


For Sale Item # RW107
This stunning old oak court cupboard is in excellent condition. The top lifts off of the drawered base, for ease of transport. You don't see them much these days, but they are such useful pieces. Would look just as good in a bathroom, as a bedroom, kitchen or hallway.
 Item # RW207 SOLD
This lovely oak grandfather clock is in full working order.
For Sale Item # RW307
This is a very sweet little two over two Georgian bow front chest.
For Sale Item # RW407
Here we have a wonderful Gerogian Oak coffer in excellent condition, the top has four panels.
  For Sale Item # RW507
You can't find them for love nor money, then two of them show up in the same week. Another stunning oak coffer, this one has a drawer at the bottom too.


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