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Item # DB509 SOLD
This built-in cupboard front came out of a large house in Bath. We have re-built the carcass.
Now it would look just as good in a bedroom as it would in the living room.
If you click on the finished pic you can see it open with the shaped shelves.


TV cabinets we get asked for all the time...think about it, no antique ones around!! So we adapt dresser bases, cutting them down, adjusting drawers and doors.

Item # OS102 SOLD
This one is in the shop right now, it has no doors but lots of space to put videos etc.
It is possible to make the front of the drawer just flap down, thus allowing you to put a digital TV box in there and still be able to use it with the remote.

This gorgeous cheese safe came from Bath and was bought by one of our customers in Ireland, she saw the photo wanted it, it was wrapped and sent and it is now in use for storing cheese.

Item # IB601 SOLD
This is the mother of all cupboards I think, you don't really get a feel for the size of it in this picture, but it is over eight feet tall and is six feet wide.
It is going to be cut into two and used as a sink unit and a huge larder - watch this space...
click on the image to see the before shot.
Go to "free-standing kitchens" P5 to see the sink too.

Item # M183 SOLD
So you want somewhere to put the TV where you can just hide it away when you are not watching it.
Look no further, here we have a converted wardrobe with somewhere for the TV and a whole cupboard on the inside for storage.

Same idea here, except the TV was so smart that the customers wanted to see it at all times. A hole was cut thru the back so that the TV could fit snugly.

This housemaids cupboard was one of the nicest ones we have had in years. You don't see so many of them now, especially not in pine. They are just so useful with all that cupboard and drawer space all in one place.

Item # W189 SOLD
This is a beautiful little cupboard, it would have held a religious figure at some point and has the most gorgeous original blue paint on the inside and really early fine glass in the door.
15"w x 12"d x 23"h

Item # W177 SOLD
This is quite an interesting piece, it would have been an old washstand, with the lift up lid for the bowl to sit on and the cupboard under for the jug. The top has been fixed down now, but it is still a different piece to restore.

Item # W184 - SOLD
This is a very early rustic piece, with the hinges on the doors, rather than in them, should strip well though.
26"w x 19"d x 4'h.

Item # W186 SOLD
This is a really well built cupboard, it has four really sturdy shelves in it and it is a really good size to go in any room. It also has a neat little gallery around the top.
36"w x 14"d x 49"h

Item # PM211 SOLD
This is something that will sell quite quickly I think, it is one of those tall, thin, narrow cupboards that everyone seems to have room for, all solid pine.
31"w x 13"d x 73"h.






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