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If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us. At the time of posting these photos the stock is currently all available.


Item # O174 SOLD
Be very aware of your ceiling height before you even begin to think about buying this one! Its a monster, but a really good looking piece, with lovely detail to the cornice and the columns down the sides,
33"w x 20"d  x 93"h.

Item # O157 SOLD
This glazed vitrine is very well made, its a really sturdy piece. The glazed panels make it perfect for a display cabinet or even a larder cupboard, towels would look good rolled up in it in a bathroom.
49"w x 19"d x 73"h

Item # PM308 SOLD
This is an amazing piece of English history. We believe it used to be a game cupboard, with the hooks in the top half for hanging the game. We are going to leave in all the original mesh sides and keep it as original as we can, its a real treasure.
32"w x 22"d x 5'h.


Item # A183 - SOLD
These cupboards are such fun things
and so useful. They look just as good in bedrooms as they do in kitchens or bathrooms.

Item # A124 SOLD
This lovely pine base started out a bit different.
If you click on the image you will see what I mean.
This free-standing piece had the original pine top taken off and a solid oak one put back on.

Item # A197 - SOLD
This cupboard is a bit taller with four
drawers down the side.
Great for kids rooms - robe and chest in one.
Click on the image to see the before shot.

Item # A196 - SOLD
This is a very unusual piece, the
galleried top gives it a completely different
You have to click on the image to see how scary it looked to start with.

Item # MW509 SOLD
You are just going to have to trust me on this little ugly duckling, we will sort out the bottom door and it will make a really useful little cupboard.
33"w x 19"d x 77"h

Item # AY2707 SOLD
Look at this little cutie, no I am not referring to hubby's legs in the background! This little English cupboard is perfectly formed and would look great either wall mounted or floor standing, a real treasure.
23"w x 13"d x 28"h


Item # O148 SOLD
This is a neat little cupboard. It would have been used to store food as the hole would have been for ventilation. It is now one of those cupboards that you could have in any room of the house. If you click on the after photo you can see how useful it is for storage on the inside too, with the drawers and shelf. I think that is a record, it was in the shop for 20 minutes and it sold! Must have been fate Jane.
34"w x 17"d x 52"h

Item # K188 - SOLD
This picture is also on the dressers pages - as this is what it started off life as. Our customers bought the base only and we converted it for use with a dvd player and digi box. Both the drawers now flap down so that the units can be played without having to have the doors left open all the time.


Item # AY2706 SOLD
This is one of those old cupboards that look fabulous just left in this condition. All the paint is bubbled and cracked and it looks its age. I expect we will strip it and then re-paint it for someone. Well that was a good guess, but didn't it turn out fabulous? It looks stunning in our customers bathroom full of wonderful Cath Kidston fabrics.
24"w x 16"d x 54"h


Item # AY905 SOLD
This is a nice old corner cupboard. We don't usually buy these but this is a good size one. Shame about the nasty black "goo" that it has been covered in, but with our magic touch it will come up looking fantastic. Ta dah! great. If you click on the before picture you can see it with the doors open...yes I know...it is now the correct way up!
38"w x 19"d x 70"


Item # W204 SOLD
We have never seen a brot shank with these proportions before, the cupboard is normally a lot bigger than the drawer section, but this one is almost identical. Very early piece. With the added top it looks like it was built for this alcove.
31"w x 14"d x 41"h.


Item # TT105 SOLD
This wonderful piece of furniture has a great story attached to it. We bought it from a guy who had to get it out of a huge house in Clifton.  It is an old lead-lined "Ice Safe" with all the bits and pieces still in-tact. It is incredibly heavy!  


We got an email out of the blue asking for some sort of cupboard for an alcove that could have wine in or on and maybe some books. Having no idea of the size required at this stage, I sent the "before" photo of this piece as a loose suggestion.

Ten days later it was collected and taken from Bath to Norwich to a lovely couple who own a pub. They love it, and have it filled with Champagne and Wine and sent an email saying it was "bloody brilliant". All this from an off-chance email and the power of the net
Thank you Dani and Bob.


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