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Item # DW115a SOLD
This narrow cupboard actually came with the dresser base DW115b on page 3 of dressers.
If you click on the image you can see the before photo.

Item # DW107 - SOLD
This glazed hanging cupboard measures
51"w x 10"d x 57"h.

Item # S194 - SOLD
This narrow cupboard would look good in any room of the house.
29"w x 14"d x 79"h.

Item # O146 SOLD
This is a good size cupboard, and the original paint finish is amazing - nice one to keep in the paint.
38"w x 14"d x 4'h


This dresser was chosen by our customers to be made into a tv cabinet. It was cut down and the drawers were made into flap-down compartments that now house a Play Station and an X-box - happy customers.



If you would like to see a photo with a drawer
open, please just click on the image.

Item # K165 SOLD
This little unit is a realy cute piece - one of those great, go anywhere bits.



This cupboard didn't look much to start with..



 Item # DW113 SOLD
Now it looks stunning - 2 doors and a
fixed centre panel.
55"w x 10"d x 39.5"w.

Item # S192 - SOLD
This shelved unit is ever so useful.
With a 2 door cupboard at the bottom to put the things you don't want to look at.

Item # S184 - SOLD
This base has a really deep drawer to the top.
Our customer has asked us to glaze the bottom doors - so watch this space.

What a difference the glass makes!


Item # C132 SOLD
Here is another very versatile piece. This would not look out of place in a kitchen, or with towels in, in a bathroom, or with the hi-fi separates in, the living room.
31"w x 16"d x 59"h

This computer cupboard has been created from an old wardrobe. The doors were taken off and re-worked so that they go all the way back on themselves, the two internal doors came off of another cupboard and the only "new" bit about it is the metal runners that make the keyboard shelf sturdy.

This beautiful cupboard is an Antrim cupboard, it came from Ireland, and we sold it to our friends in the USA.

Item # S145



Item # S145 - SOLD
Yes this really is the same piece!
Our customers wanted somewhere to hide the
DVD etc, but only had limited space.

Item # WN101 SOLD
How interesting is this?
This came from a local hospital when it closed down and it was two stories under the ground and had been built into the wall and ceiling - hence its very unusual shape. tonnes of storage space here, would look great in a big kitchen.
46"w x 17"d x 8'h @ highest. 

Item # C156 SOLD
This is actually an old shop fitting, it is not easy to make out, but it has sliding glass doors to the top with a shelf, then a couple of drawers under that, with another shelf to finish off at the bottom - will look stunning once finished.
51"w x 14"d x 80"h

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