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If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us. This page gives you an idea of the diversity of cupboards in general.


 Item # W152 SOLD
This is a rustic looking cupboard, with a large single door and early hinges, lose the mustard paint and it should come out looking really good.
38"w x 17"d x 37"h.

Item # W160 SOLD
This little country cupboard dates back to mid 1800's and is just such a cute size, with its little door and rustic metal catch to open it with. If you click on the photo you can see what it looked like before we started.

 Item # W180 SOLD
This is a really clean brot shank, with four little drawers to the left and a large door on the right. These were originally used for letting the dough rise when making bread, that is why they sometimes have a little mesh vent on the doors.
40"w x 21"d x 38"h.

Item # W181 SOLD
This is a really early brot shank, very rustic, with all the original knobs and catches. If you click on the image you can see how it looked before we restored it.
39"w x 18"d x 34"h

 Item # W187 SOLD
This little sloped top cupboard used to be a medicine cabinet. I guess it could have been used in hospitals which would explain the slope - the nurses would be able to write out the doses etc whilst on the move.
20"w x 13"d x 30"h.

Item # W195 SOLD
This little two door cupboard has endless uses, and places that it could go. Although it is quite a small piece, it does still offer quite a bit of storage space inside.
28"w x 12"d x 29"h.

For Sale Item # W205
Now this is a really rare piece. It has the styling of an early bread cupboard, with the addition of a drawer over the cupboard. It also has a galleried worktop so that the bread could be prepared and kneaded. If you click on the photo you should see what it looked like before we restored it.
45"w x 21"d x 31"h.

 Item # W211 SOLD
This really is a miniature dresser base, it is all well proportioned with the two drawers over the 2 doors, but our customer wanted an open front and doesn't it look good. click to see the before photo underneath.
32"w x 13"d x 26"h.

Item # W190 SOLD
This is a nice little cupboard, with a single door over a little drawer. The paint was in such good condition that we managed to save it and just wax over it.

Item # H167 SOLD
This is a great piece of old furniture. It is all one piece at the moment, but it has so much space inside because it is really deep, both the top and the bottom.
30"w x 24"d x 70"h

Item # C140 SOLD
Well, where do I start. We were very pleased to find this piece in Hungary. Behind the door there are ten smart drawers. We are not sure how we are going to finish this one yet - we have stripped it already - not sure if we are going to keep the door or just have all the drawers exposed...watch this space. Although its "done" now, there are still options of having the door removed etc.
30"w x 23"d x 59"h


Item # C131 SOLD
This is a really, really early piece. They call this a vitrine in Hungary, we don't have an equivalent word, but they are very versatile cupboards. It would be nice to keep this one in the original green paint, but we'll see. So you have a glazed door to the top with a couple of small drawers in the middle and a smaller, solid door at the bottom, a really useful, go anywhere piece. How fantastic does this look now, it has turned out better than we had hoped, its a stunning piece.
35"w x 18"d x 65"h



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