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Item # AY8212 SOLD
This is a beautiful cupboard, and a very early one at that. I was not sure where to post it as it would work in so many rooms with so many uses. It has one single opening door with old drop-on hinges. The paint is lovely and old, but on the inside you can see that the pine underneath is just wonderful. What a transformation, painted with some mahoosive feet added, it looks great!
40"w x 19"d x 69"h

Item # SF3012 SOLD
This is one of the best looking cupboards I have seen in years and years. It is a really well built early Victorian pine two door cupboard. Just wait until we have restored it...I am checking all available spaces in my home as we speak!
32"w x 20"d x 57"h

Item # AY403 SOLD
Its not everyday you find a grand piece of furniture from an Earls house. Fabulous turret top to this very tall cupboard. It may not fit in most peoples houses but it will certainly hold everything, including the kitchen sink!
44"w x 22"d x 104"h


Item # PM1412 SOLD
This is one of those great pieces that would work great in any room of the house. The opportunities are endless. Didn't this one turn out great, we added a drawer underneath to give it some height, then made a pretty plinth.
38"w x 19.5"d x 62"h

Item # H125 SOLD
How great does this cupboard look now? Our lovely customer has finally transformed her manly office to a nice feminine place to work now. Fantastic.
48"w x 16"d x 71"h

 Item # A110 SOLD
This would make a great bathroom cupboard. Have a look at the design on the top - it was obviously a blacksmiths cupboard by the look of the tools carved into it.
21"w x 12"d x 33"

Item # JT1314 SOLD
I have listed this on the larders page too, as I think it would make a great kitchen piece, but I also think it would work really well in a bathroom or bedroom or in a living room, or hallway.
31"w x 13"d x 78"h


For Sale Item # SF8101
Now this little piece is going to end up being a real beauty, no seriously, trust me on this one, I know its not the prettiest thing you have ever seen, but how useful are all those drawers and little cupboards, the possibilities are endless. I would point out that as this is a bit of a mixture of various woods, this piece will end up painted.
48"w x 18"d x 43"h












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