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This is a section that is quite difficult to label. Cupboard -what is a cupboard? The examples on the following pages cover everything from fridges in cupboards, TV's in cupboards, Computers in cupboards, to built-in cupboards and meat and cheese cupboards, there are jam cupboards, hi-fi cupboards, corner cupboards, and even the odd housemaids cupboard thrown in for good measure. So you see cupboards covers a whole multitude of things.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you want some more information on items that have a number and are for sale, then please do not hesitate to email us.


   Item # MH1416 SOLD
This is such a stunning piece. It is all completely original, it has a lovely big cupboard on the top of a long drawer, over four smaller drawers. A really different cupboard, a complete one-off. This is going to look absolutely fantastic once this has been restored.
43"w x 22"d x 79"h

For Sale Item # KP2416
How about this little beauty for storage? This cupboard is like a Victorian tardis. The tall top section actually lifts off of the bottom section, but it is all shelved out and offers up so much storage space its quate hard to believe. The nice thing is that is has not been altered in anyway, it is all as nature intended, all we have done is strip the old paint off and make it look lovely.
3'w x 18"d x 95"h

For Sale Item # MN6514
This could almost be a matched pair to the one above, it is very similar in size, the only difference is that this one does not have any beading around the panels. It is a great cupboard for any room in the house.
40"w x 21"d x 85"h

For Sale
Item # MN141214
This is a wonderful, deep cupboard, I think it was used for tools, but it would make such a fabulous larder or linen cupboard. It goes without saying that we can alter the size to suit.
38"w x 26"d x 82"h



Item # MN161214 SOLD
This is a stunning old pine corner cupboard, it has gorgeous Elm shelves and three pairs of stunning doors, this is going to be a real dream once we have restored it. Well it did not dissappoint.
52"w x 25"d x 100"h

 Item # MN14515 SOLD
This is a stunning cupboard, we are going ahead with restoration as we have no intention of cutting it down in any way. It is nice and shallow, with all the original "dog teeth" in there for the shelves to sit on, and it has the most wonderful little catch on the door.

42"w x 14"d x 73"h 



For Sale Item # AY2914
This little two door cupboard is really sweet. We will see how it goes, but we may put this on top of a little chest or something and make a linen-press-type cupboard.
33"w x 11"d x 30"h



For Sale Item # AY2702
I guess this is going to be a bit tall for most peoples bedrooms, but it would make a fabulous larder in a kitchen. It has been half stripped, but it will look a lot better once we have stripped it and re-built it. All solid pine.
55"w x 18"d x 90"h


  Item # MN15515 SOLD
This is such a cute little stable door cupboard. I am hoping that it is all pine under that paint but I feel that some of it may be plywood.  think I know just the man who would want to buy this little beauty.
29"w x 19"d x 62"h

For Sale Item # MN7514
This is a great cupboard. Deep enough to hold clothes, it would also make a great larder, or a toy cupboard, or a great linen cupboard. This one actually has a nice little drawer on the inside at the bottom for a bit of extra space.
42"w x 22.5"d x 85"h

Item # AY904 SOLD
This is an amazing piece of furniture. They are often called Hoffers and were used to warm plates in front of the fire. They generally have no backs and the shelves are all tin lined to conduct optimum heat, they have a carrying handle on either side and the poor servants would have to lift this thing full of plates. We have only ever seen four in our twenty years in this business. A real gem. Click on the after photo to see all the tin that lined the inside of this amazing piece.
43"w x 13"d x 38"h

   Item # T130 SOLD
This is another great piece. Could go in any room of the house and be filled with any number of items for any number of reasons. A really good looking cupboard. How stunning is it now its finished. Our customer wanted the door to open the other way, so we changed all that for her.
36"w x 19"d x 74"h

Item # MN2514 SOLD
This cupboard is just gorgeous, it is a really sturdy old Victorian Pine two door cupboard. The old paintwork has been scuffed back a bit, but I suspect we will end up stripping it back to the bare wood. It is a great size too.
50"w x 21"d x 38"h

Item # T101 SOLD
This cupboard would work just as well on the wall as it would freestanding. The door could  also be glazed. This has turned out just great.
27"w x 14"d x 36"h


For Sale Item # SF8102
The most memorable fact about this piece of furniture is just HOW HEAVY it is, so if the question is "can it be hung on a plasterboard wall?" the answer is an emphatic NO! It is quite gothic, with two solid doors and a glass door to the centre.
54"w x 18"d x 43"h (did I mention the weight??!!)

 Item # JB109 SOLD
This lovely old cupboard has come out of a Post office on Exmoor. It is a super cupboard, and would make a fabulous larder, it is really deep, which is always useful. Of course it can be cut down in size if required.
43"w x 23"d x 57"h


For Sale Item # T135
This is a great multi-purpose cupboard, I have listed it on our larders page as I think this would look great in a kitchen. I also think it would look great in a kids bedroom with lots of games and toys filling the shelves. Equally I think it would look great downstairs full of DVD's or books or general clutter.
69.5"w x 11" x 56"h

Item # JBH1314 SOLD
This is a stunning cupboard. It would have been on top of something like a chest of drawers maybe, and indeed it may well end up like that again - watch this space.
36"w x 18"d x 48"h

Item # A244 SOLD
How groovy is this cupboard? From first glance it looks quite ordinary, then you open the door to reveal a shallow space, for hanging scarves maybe, then you open the next door and hey presto you are in the main compartment. I love it and the best bit is that we have a matching pair! This  piece has actually been cut down widthways, so that it will fit in an exact space in Cornwall. As the first door is for storing scarves we have left it bare with no wax to rub off on clothes.
21"w x 19"d x 71"


For Sale Item # AY2703
This is a huge cupboard. It could be split down the centre and make two great size units. At this stage it can be cut and styled however you choose, but for sheer amount of storage I don't think this can be beaten.
74"w x 18"d x 91"h
  Item # AY402 Top Sold, Bottom Sold.
I fondly refer to this piece as the "white monster". We would love to keep this as one whole piece and sell it as it was intended. However, the reality is that it will probably end up as a chest of drawers and a nice cupboard. It is all original and was built in to a very grand house up North. I have just sold the top part to a lovely lady, still up North, and it is going to be a stunning larder, watch this space.
54"w x 22"d x 10'h


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