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Here are some more coffee tables.

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This is a good example of a flip-top table.
This one has been made into a coffee table but the principal is the same.

So from the closed position, the top gets swerved round - revealing a great space for storing things.

The flap is then lifted up and opened out to give you a much larger surface.

Item # PM506 SOLD
I know what you are thinking, this is not a coffee table - yet. It is a great size at 3' x 2' but I think the only way those legs are ever going to look good is if we chop most of them off.

Item # PM408 SOLD
This cute little table is going to look great as a coffee table. Watch this space for the after photo.
3' x 21".

 Item # K119 SOLD
Now this is a coffee table and a half! It is an old chopping block, which we have restored, sanded and oiled so that it is a bit more friendly.
37" x  22"

This table was over eight feet long.
The drawers were added at the request of our customers.

Item # C143 SOLD
Okay its not everybody's idea for a coffee table, but it would work really well as it has a really flat top...quite rare for a work bench!
27" x 20"

This cute little table started off as a pitch pine side table, it looks really cute cut down.





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