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Lets get one thing straight from the beginning - there is no such thing as an old original coffee table! They did not exist, they are always just regular tables that have been cut down.

We have cut down a few tables in our time here at Ministry of Pine, from ten foot tables to little round ones. There are no set measures, our US customers like them a little taller than we do here in the UK but we cater for everyone.

Here are some examples of some we have had in the past.  It is just a case of finding a table that is the right look and having it trimmed to your specific requirement.

If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us.


 Item # S107 SOLD
This is a lovely old table. It has a lift-up lid as you can see which reveals a whole load of compartments for all sorts of storage. If you click on the photo you can see it with the lid down.
39"w x 28"d x 16"h 

For Sale Item # E195
Its quite funny that I have spent YEARS telling customers that coffee tables are only ever big tables cut down as there was no such thing back in the day.....HOWEVER, the exception would be when someone made an apprentice piece such as this little table here from Hungary where it was always made to be this height.
43"w x 24"d x 21.5"h 
{If that is too high for you, it can still be altered to suit.}

Item # BM104 SOLD
This is a great chunky coffee table. Great legs and a really great size.
48" x 31" x 19"

Item # IBX04 SOLD
This little piece was a full-height desk at one stage, so now it has the added benefit of having a drawer at the front and a lift-up top.


This lovely table was all cherry wood, the top actually slid to reveal a base that can be used for storage.

This little table had a nice little shelf under which gives you somewhere to put the newspapers when you have finished with them.


This was a nice size table, it was square, with a large drawer to one end and lovely old knobs.

This lovely table had an original white painted base. It sold to a dealer in the USA and she asked that we strip the base back to bare wood!

This table was all oak with a pine top.


Item # C103 SOLD
This is a great size table that has already been cut down for a coffee table. We think it may have a beech undercarriage as it is quite sharp turnings, but we will see.
39.5" x 32" x 22"

Item # H140 SOLD
This is a nice table from Hungary, it has little pads on the ends of the legs, these may stay or be removed depending on what our customers want.
41" x 34"

Item # NT109 SOLD
This is a nice old English table that has been cut down. It has been completely restored, and boasts a nice large drawer to the end.
49"w x 32"d x 17"h 

Item # SF5012 SOLD
This is a lovely looking coffee table. It is a nice English table, good dimensions, with a nice big drawer to the front. It does have a dark burn on the top which you can see clearly from the photo.
48"w x 35"d x 17.5"h





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