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Here is a selection for you to look through. If you see any that you really like then please feel free to email us for details. 

Thank you.

Item # PM105 SOLD
This lovely chest used to be part of a compactum or linen press, but with a different top on it you would never know the difference. This has had a cupboard built underneath it which now makes it a really useful piece of furniture (click on the pic).
45"w x 19"d x 29"h.

Item # JF603 SOLD
Underneath this very modern colour lurks a really early, lovely English Victorian chest of drawers. It is unusual in its dimensions as it is very shallow and quite tall.
41"w x 16"d x 45"h

This was a real one-off, it is a shaped chest, built over a hundred years ago.

Item # JF503 SOLD
It always amazes me how people come to choose the colours that they will paint their old furniture! This is a lovely old Victorian chest, all solid pine. What a transformation, turned out fab..
40.5"w x 18.5"d x 3'h.

Item # PM305 SOLD
This is a stunning chest of drawers, it comes in two pieces, so even though it is quite large, it should still fit up those stairs. All pine, a real beauty - Click for the before pic.
51"w x 22.5"d x 52"h

Item # SM9207 SOLD
This is such a pretty little chest of drawers. The glass handles are the original ones - if you click the picture you can see what it looked like before we restored it.
42"w x 18"d x 30"h

Item # PM409 SOLD
This is a rare find, a pine, bow-fronted chest of drawers. It is going to look stunning all stripped and restored, and its a really good size, with two small and three big drawers.
42"w x 22"d x 40"

Item # C162 SOLD
Now this is an interesting chest from Hungary, it is like a chest-on-chest. It is a really good size, not too big but still has seven good size drawers. This looks so good now that we have restored it, it would look grand in any room
30"w x 21"d x 46"h

Item # K163 SOLD
This is a nice sturdy little chest of drawers - and yes that is just paint that you are looking at, not some exotic wood.
48"w x 24"d x 39"h

Item # SM9407 SOLD
This is a lovely old merchants chest, with all of the original handles. There are 16 graduating drawers all in solid pine. As you can see we have finished this off with an old style bracket plinth at the bottom.
34"w x 23.5"d x 42"h


 Item # E151 SOLD
This is a great sturdy old chest. Three big drawers and nice details to the sides. Quite a large piece of furniture.
49"w x 23"s x 43"h

Item # E222 SOLD
Just look at this stunning paint on this chest of drawers. It would be great if we could keep the paint, but I suspect we will be asked to strip and wax it. There, just as I thought - a strip and re-paint request. Mind you, I think it looks absolutely smashing now in the white paint - if you want to see the before pic, just click on the photo.
51"w x 25"d x 37"h

 Item # AY3414 SOLD
This is a lovely old English chest of drawers, it has already been stripped by a previous owner, but we will strip it again (properly) and completely restore it to reveal its original beauty.
40"w x 20"d x 37"h
Item # AY51013 SOLD
Now don't judge this one just yet. Have a little faith and you know that we can breathe some life into this little chest. It is a really well made old chest, with the little gallery around the back. AND, it comes in two pieces for ease of transport.
37"w x 21"d x 32"h
Item # AY61012 SOLD
This is going to come up lovely once it has been restored. Its a bit of a hideous red colour, and the handles are not that good either, BUT hey presto, look at how fantastic it looks now.
42"w x 17"d x 36"h



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