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Here is a selection for you to look through. If you see any that you really like then please feel free to email us for details. 

Thank you.

Item # K113 SOLD
This is an unusual chest. We have only ever had one other like this. Its a good set up because all the drawers are smaller than the traditional style. You just wait to see the after picture of this chest, it is going to look really wild.....I tried to warn you didn't I? However, now William can put his clothes IN something...rather than ON the floor!!
45.5"w x 20"d x 29"h

Item # SM2908 SOLD
This is a good old traditional English Victorian chest of drawers, this is going to look really stunning once it has been stripped and restored.
42"w x 22"d x 40"h

Item # AY104 SOLD
This is a lovely old Victorian pine chest of drawers. Underneath that attractive (!) brown paint it is a really sturdy, well made piece and its going to look stunning once it has been stripped, restored and waxed. See its a gorgeous chest now.
39.5"w x 18"d x 39.5"h

 Item # PM0710 SOLD
Now this chest is not going to win any beauty contests looking like this is it?! But with a bit of our magic and a bit of time, lets see just how lovely its going to turn out.
40"w x 21"d x 37"h

Item # E183 SOLD
Now these drawers would look great in any room of the house. Believe me I tried to place them in all of my rooms, but there was no room at the Inn! Would look great under a window, great as an extra seat, so many possibilities. Well our customer wanted the old paint kept, so we cleaned it up a bit and it turned out great.
62"w x 20"d x 30"h


Item # AY901 SOLD
Here we have a really tall, elegant looking pine chest of drawers. Its falling apart at the moment, and it looks a horrid orange colour, but give us a couple of weeks and we will soon have it looking beautiful. This is such a good looking chest now.
44"w x 18"d x 49"h


Item # PM1211 SOLD
This little swan really did come from the ugly duckling - click for the before pic to see for yourself. It is so roomy, a great chest all round.
42"w x 22"d x 38"h

Item # R133 SOLD
This is quite an unusual configuration for an old chest. We all know though that sometimes small drawers are far more convenient than large ones.
49"w x 21"d x 31"h


Item # PM1011 SOLD
This is a lovely looking English Victorian chest of drawers. Traditional two over three drawer combination all in solid pine. The knobs on this chest are one of the best features - our customers are very pleased with it - well apart from the photo album that I left in one of the drawers!


Item # PM1117 SOLD
This is a nice little chest, quite unusual to get good feet on them when they are only two over two drawers. Knobs are completely rotten but other than that it should turn out really well, once restored.
37"w x 18"d x 37"h


 Item # BM105 SOLD
This chest has such a good look about it. We have painted it and given it a new lease of life, its just stunning.
42"w x 21"d x 42"h




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