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Here is a selection for you to look through. If you see any that you really like and they are still for sale, then please feel free to email us for details. 

Thank you.

Item # PM1068 SOLD
This is a lovely small chest of drawers. It looks quite elegant with the tall feet that are all original, this will look lovely once it has been restored.
36"w x 18"d x 36"h

Item # A157 SOLD
This is a very large piece of furniture, it is a three drawer chest, all in pine. The rounded details on the drawer fronts are amazing. This is going to a wonderful new home in Brighton to be looked after by fabulous new owners.
51"w x 25"d x 42"h


Item # DB103 SOLD
This is a really solid little pine chest. Late Victorian, it is in really good condition. We have restored it and given it a lot of care and now look how fabulous it looks.
42.5"w x 19"d x 36"h

Item # MN13514 SOLD
We got a lovely surprise when we opened the drawers on this little chest. A massive wasps nests, if you look closely you can still see about ten of the little blighters on the plinth at the bottom, but panic over, we have stripped this now and it is definitely wasp-free! The irony of this sale - we have been asked to paint it pale blue!! :-). I am waiting on a final after pic from our customers when they have put their own handles on.
40"w x 21"d x 38"h

Item # MN1814 SOLD
This is a cute little chest. Two small drawers over two long ones and little squashed bun feet on the bottom. It looks great now we have restored it.
35"w x 19"d x 31"h

Item # SF2109 SOLD
This nice English two over three chest is not looking at its best right now, its not a nice colour and it needs some serious care and attention. It will be great though. See it looks fantastic now it has been restored.
42"w x 18"d x 36"h

Item # JF406 SOLD
This chest is VERY has all of the original handles! It has little castors on the bottom too, but I suspect they will be taken off.
38"w x 18"d x 35"h.

Item # JF107 SOLD
This is a nice tall chest with the two over three combination of drawers. Can you believe what someone has done to the lovely glass knobs...they have sprayed them orange!!! We have replaced them with wooden knobs, but they can be changed to suit.
39"w x 20"d x 39"h

Item # SM107 SOLD
How fantastic is this bank of drawers? It is just perfect for storage - mind you,  forget being able to see into the top two drawers!
This monster looks fantastic now it has been completely restored.
42"w x 20"d x 67"h.

Item # SM9107 SOLD
This was a good looking chest of drawers. I would have left the original feet on personally but our customer wanted a plinth.

Item # JR106 SOLD
This is a nice old English Chest - with almost a full set of original knobs. This looked fab when it was all finished. It was in the shop for just 30 minutes before it was bought.
42.5"w x 21"d x 37"h

Item # JF507 SOLD
This is a squeaky clean little two over two chest, with all of the knobs too - which we may or may not keep.
35"w x 18"d x 30"h


Item # JF407 SOLD
Now this is going to be a popular little chest, it has the two over two combination, but the drawers are quite deep and yet the whole piece is still a nice manageable size.
34"w x 18.5"d x 29"h

Item # R152 SOLD
If you want a tall chest of drawers then look no further than this gorgeous Hungarian chest. It has four very spacious drawers and will look fantastic in any room.
51"w x 25"d x 51"h

Item # A155 SOLD
This is much larger than it looks in the photo. It has three huge drawers and pretty detail down the sides. Probably the same amount of room in here as a small wardrobe. Yes we can cut it so that it will fit upstairs.
53"w x 27"d x 41"h

 Item # AY21012 SOLD
This is a great little two over three chest of drawers, it has all the original knobs and little legs too - these can of course be removed if required.
34"w x 19"d x 34"h

 Item # AY41012 SOLD
Okay, so I know that not many people would want to keep the modern handles on this little pine chest - don't worry though they will go, along with all the little Winnie the Pooh stickers all over the front. . .ahhh
37"w x 18"d x 30"h

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