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Here are some more chests. Remember if there is no number by them then they are no longer available.


 Item # AA2613 SOLD
This little chest was hiding underneath all of these false fronts. It is never going to win any beauty contests but it is a really solid and very useful piece of furniture. Ooh I take it all back, it has turned out looking really fabulous. Our lovely customer has bought this to put all of her spice jars in it, fabulous.


Item # PM1312 SOLD
This is a nice classic two over three English Chest of drawers. The handles are not original as there are holes underneath them where the original knobs would have been. Its nice that all the feet are still there.
41"w x x19"d x 43"h 


Item # PM505 SOLD 
Now I know what you are thinking, but STOP. This gorgeous little ugly duckling of a chest of drawers is going to be the swan of all chests once we have worked our magic on it, just you wait and see. Measurements will sort of totally fell to pieces in the stripping tank!!! You see, you had no faith, and look how gorgeous it has turned out - its a beauty.
42"w x 19"d x 32"h {37" inc gallery at back}

Item # AY12212 SOLD
This is a classic English two over three chest of drawers. The finish is an old paint, which we will strip off to reveal the lovely old pine underneath it. The knobs are all original too which is always a bonus. Look at how stunning this chest has turned out. Just to show how versatile old furniture can be, we have actually made this into a "knock-down" so that it can go up our customers VERY small stairs!
41"w x 19"d x 38"h

Item # PM2411 SOLD
WOW! Next time I get a phone call asking if we sell things in the original paint I am going to say YESSS come on down....I am sorry to be rude, but this was in someone's house!! The amazing thing is that it is a really stunning little chest.
35"w x 17"d x 32"h 

 Item # SM3912 SOLD
This English chest is going to come up lovely once we have restored it. It is such a little elegant piece, quite shallow and one little feet too. Watch this space. How great does this look now, superb.
38"w x 16"d x 38"h

Item # AY204 SOLD 
This is a nice sized chest. Its the two-over-two combination, but it is not too small, still a really useful size with decent drawer space.
29"w x 18"d x 31"h

 Item # PM1411 SOLD
Please trust me that underneath that hideous paint this is going to be a good English Pine two over three chest of drawers. We have decided to paint this one, I think it has turned out really well.
40"w x 19"d x 38"h

 Item # E221 SOLD 
This is a stunning tall chest of drawers with four great size drawers. They all have wonderful shapes on the drawer fronts. Its quite large, the measurements are more telling than the photo. A great piece. Here is a good example of "its never over til its over" we had finished this piece and waxed it and it was in the shop, then our customer came and wanted it painted. If you click on the after photo you will see what it looked like when it was waxed.
52"w x 26"d x 44

Item # AY4212 SOLD
This is quite a cute little chest of drawers. It has three straight drawers with no frills or any hidden gems, it just is what it is - thankfully you can't see the hideous castors that have been fixed to the bottom. Will look great - trust me. Very much the ugly duckling - beautiful swan methinks.
33"w x 17"d x 30"h

Item # K161 SOLD
This is a lovely big chunky chest, quite plain, definitely  looks better now it has been restored and has some bigger knobs on. Click to see the before photo.
55"w x 24"d x 41"h

Item # SF2409 SOLD
This little oak chest on chest, should look a lot better than this with some restoration and a good old polish. It looks a lot better in the flesh than this photo lets on, it has a gorgeous finish and it is restored and very sturdy once more.
42"w x 19"d x 40"h 

Item # H176 SOLD
This is a really large amount of storage space in one piece of furniture. It has three very large drawers and is on a pretty little bracket foot to the front.
47"w x 22"d x 39"h

Item # SM1908 SOLD
This photo does not do much justice to this chest - its really wide. It is a really great size and is all solid English pine.
48.5"w x 21"d x 39"h

Item # AY304 SOLD 
Here is a good sturdy two-over-three pine chest of drawers. Trust me, it will look stunning once we have worked our magic on it. See, all done now and looking really good, a classic chest of drawers.
38"w x 18"d x 37.5"h

Item # AY404 SOLD 
This is a good looking Victorian chest, with the original turned feet to lift it up off the floor. We will have to see if the handles are nice enough to keep when we strip this piece. It also has a nice rounded edge to the top.
41"w x 19.5"d x 39"h

 Item # AY902 SOLD
This is a classic, English Pine two over three chest of drawers, all the knobs are original and it has a nice rolled edge to the top too.
41"w x 18"d x 37"h

 Item # H138 SOLD
This is one of those go anywhere pieces of furniture. It has 10 good sized drawers. Wow, how good does this look now, it has been totally refurbished and now it looks a million dollars.
31"w x 21"d x 60"

Item # E136 SOLD
This is a really useful size chest of drawers, I don't think it will hang around very long at all, it is such a good size. It looks even better now it has been completely restored. Such a great piece of furniture.
30"w x 21"d x 52"h

Item # A245 SOLD
This is a stunning old pine chest of drawers. Quite unusual to find the Eastern European ones with the two over three combination.
This one is going to be awesome. You have to admit that this is one hell of a chest of drawers now, its got more room than an average wardrobe inside.
50"w x 25"d x 49"h


Item # AY51012 SOLD
This little galleried chest is absolutely gorgeous. It is in a bad state of repair, but the drawers are all beaded and it has a little gallery at the top - its a shame that it is just too far gone to be able to restore it and still keep that lovely blue paint.
42"w x 19"d x 30"h
Item # AY11012 SOLD
This chest has the most hideous knobs I have ever seen, they look like squashed mushrooms with metal stems! Anyway a ruff piece right now, but with a LOT of tender loving care, we will bring t back. {I don't think there was any need for the comment from our customers as they were choosing this one - "most people would have thrown this away!!!"....we will show him}. Think there will be some humble pie served once he comes to see this little beauty.
40"w x 20"d x 40"h

Item # AY101012 SOLD
This is a stunning English Victorian pine chest of drawers. It has two small over three larger drawers, with all the original knobs on it - this is going to come up lovely once we have completely restored it. What did I tell you, this has come out beautifully.
44"w x 21"d x 44"h

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