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This Windsor low-back was very popular and ended up going the United States.


Item # RT101 SOLD
This stick-back carver has a lovely wide seat.
The seat is solid Elm with Ash legs.

Item # PM1203 SOLD
This "set" of four Oxfords have come out
 quite light in colour.
They all have acorn turned legs

Item # JF704 SOLD
This early ash ladder-back is in great
condition for its age.
The sea-grass seat is obviously not original.


This captains chair was a beauty.
It was restored and came into the shop yesterday, and it sold and was taken away within 2 hours.

This rocker did not hang around very
long, I made a phone call and it
was sold the same day.

Item # RT102 - SOLD
This is quite an unusual carver.
We believe it is possibly American.
It has a fruitwood seat and really fine turned legs.
This has gone to a lovely home in Clevedon.

Item # JC502 SOLD
This gorgeous rocker has just been
It has a stamp on the back of the seat, but
I think this has been added over
the years.

Item # SV702 - SOLD
This captains chair has just been restored.
It has a lovely elm seat and ash turnings.

Item # JC207 SOLD
This is a nice set of four lathes. They have all been completely restored and they are a really nice rich nutty colour, we bought 18 altogether and only have these four left - they are getting so hard to find.

Item # PM606 SOLD
These are two very well matched Ibex carvers. They are the same height too, the one on the right is on a bit of a hill in the photo. These have a whopping 21" diameter seat - how comfortable is that?

Item # PM303 SOLD
This Rocking chair is a delight to sit it, it has a lovely large seat that makes you want to stay there for hours.





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