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Here are some of the chairs that we have for sale at the moment. Have a browse through and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

 Item # PM3414
This is a really lovely, solid set of lathe back chairs - your typical kitchen chair if you like. They have all been completely restored, and are a nice rich colour.


 Item # ES1213 SOLD
This is a lovely set of Ibex, slightly different, in that, they have five spindles on the back, rather than the more usual four. Really great set this.

 Item # ES2514 SOLD
There are five of these lovely little Nelson back chairs, but it just looked better with only four in the photo, so if you did want one more, the answer is yes.

 Item # DR1213 SOLD
This is a set that we would not be able to split, or add-to, we bought five of them, and that is that really, we would not be able to get anymore to match in or anything like that. They are not quite as early as most of our chairs, but they are really heavy and solid, and very well made. A nice rich colour too.

Item # DR0114 SOLD
This lovely set of Lathes are really quite light, compared to the normal color of old ash and elm. Lots of people ask for light chairs, and its hard explaining that you cannot make dark wood become light, so these are staying light.

For Sale Item # ES1013
These are the more usual Ibex chairs, with the four spindles across the back. They are probably the most popular chair that we sell, I think its because the seats are quite generous in the bum-friendly department.

For Sale Item # LP8513
This is another one-off set of stick backs. We do not normally buy or sell these chairs, they are not as robust as our usual suspects, but we are selling these for some lovely customers. On the plus side, they are a nice, light colour and there are eight of them. These have also been restored.

For Sale Item # ES569
Here is an amazing set of four "smoker style" country chairs. They are primarily oak and ash, they are really roomy and very comfortable - this is the before shot, the eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted that one of the side stretchers is missing.


For Sale Item # AG1412
This is a set of bar-top ladder backs, originating in either Lancashire or Cheshire c1740-1840. The oak seats have replaced the original rush seating but this was done some years ago so it is all in-keeping. We will be taking them back and giving them a bit of tender loving care in the colour department.

For Sale Item # SM1912
This is a real beauty. These high-back Nelsons are so rare, and even more rare that is has multi-slats in the back. This is going to look absolutely gorgeous once we have completely restored it. 


For Sale Item # PM23414
This is just stunning. A PROPER chair. This is a high-back Windsor, dating back to the 1880's with gorgeous Elm Seat and ash legs and back. It has traces of the original red and yellow paint on it, a brilliant example.

Item #SB110 SOLD
This is a lovely fruitwood nursing rocking chair. Quite unusual to have the seat and the splats all fruitwood. Lovely grain.

Item # EO101 SOLD
This chair is just beautiful, it is a Yew wood low-back Windsor armchair.  This one has an Elm seat and a fleur-de-lis fretted splat. Single ring legs are connected by a crinoline stretcher. A real collectors piece.


Item # PM1311 SOLD
This is a great example of how we transform chairs. We took this painted Nelson-back carver, stripped off all the paint - revealing some beautiful Burr on the seat and restored it to its former glory so that it can go on for another 150 years.



This rocking chair was quite unusual with the wide splat in the back. It was all original.




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