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Chairs are a bit of a trade-mark for Ministry of Pine. We often have over three hundred chairs in stock, all original early chairs.
When a customer has come along and chosen their chairs - they are taken from the chair room into the workshops, completely knocked apart and re-glued, they then go into the polishing shop, where they are lovingly polished and waxed over a period of four or five days. The final step is to level them so that they don't wobble.
We have sold thousands of chairs over the last nineteen years.
We can usually "make-up" a set for you from the four main styles that we stock. Please Email us for details.



This Windsor chair is commonly known as either a slat-back chair or a lath-back chair.
They usually have elm seats and ash splats and legs. They are a strong design and the first chair that people think of when looking for English Kitchen chairs.



This scroll-back chair is commonly known as a bar-back or Nelson-back chair. They are a traditional Windsor design and have the bar across the back for added support.


This scroll-back chair is very similar to the Nelson-back, and is commonly referred to as an Oxford-back. The only real difference is in the design of the bar at the back. There are hundreds of different turnings that you can get either side of the flat bar.



This chair is actually Swedish in origin, they are the most popular chair that we restore - due largely to the size of the seat. The seats on these are very strong. The way the spindles are set out along the back makes it a really strong chair, one that most people can sit in for hours. This particular one is an "Ibex" but you can get "Dinkos" and "Almas" too, where the turnings on the legs are slightly different.
A very popular choice.









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