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This section covers everything from garden benches, and box/benches to church pews and forms, to table benches.

If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us.


Item # A169 SOLD
This is a nice sized box/bench.
At the moment we have not decided
whether to pressure treat it for outside use
or wax it for inside.

Item # A168 - SOLD
This is a good deep box bench, with lots
of storage space inside.
It has been waxed as our customers are keeping this one inside.
Click on the image to see the before photo.


Item # A162 SOLD
This is a very sturdy bench, it has been treated so that it will last outside for 25 years.
Click on the image to see the paint that it came in.

Item # A163 SOLD
This is a good size bench, it is almost seven feet long. It has been stripped and waxed now so it can be used inside. If you click on the image you can see the before picture.

Item # WH101 SOLD
This pitch pine pew has been re-sized from a huge original one, down to a very usable 56" long.

Item # T195 SOLD
This bench is amazing, it has two really strong drawers and a third front leg for support - if you click on the photo you can see how scary it looked before we stripped and finished it.

Item # T193 SOLD
This bench is very comfortable, and is so well made.

Item # T194 SOLD
This bench is gorgeous, it has huge drawer underneath the seat and is really sturdy.
It measures 70" long. If you click on the photo you can see what it looked like before we started.

Item # T192 SOLD
This bench is beautiful too, it has wonderful swooping arms and a massive drawer underneath.
69" long

Isn't this just the cutest pew you have ever seen?


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