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We usually have a supply of pews in stock, so you can order one whatever size you would like, and choose the ends that you want.

If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us.


This was a great little bench, it is so rare to find early benches that are this small. This was bought by a dealer in the USA.

Item # JH101 - SOLD
This church pew is ideal for pinning the kids against the table at tea time. A real solid piece.
73"w x 17"d x 46"h.



This bench had a lift-up seat which gave you lots of storage space, and it was in original brown paint.

Item # P108 SOLD
This rustic Romanian bench was quite narrow, but still good for putting in a hallway or outside the back door.




This corner bench was ideal for the little kitchen that it went to

This bench is pine, but the customers took it to their Spanish home and wanted it to blend in with their darker furniture, so we stained it down a shade or two.
It is getting ever so hard to find benches with drawers in the base.



This Romanian bench was a mixture of pine and oak. It had a very elegant look about it with the swooping arms.

This pitch pine church pew was cut down to the size our customer wanted.
It looks great along the side of the kitchen table.

Item # R163 SOLD
I think on this buying trip, we had the larger gardens in mind! This is quite a long fellow too, but no storage here, just plenty of seating space.
100" x 19"



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