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This section covers everything from garden benches, to church pews to forms, to table benches.

We usually have a supply of pews in stock, so you can order one whatever size you would like, and choose the ends that you want.

If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us.


 Item # MN5415 SOLD
This is a little beauty isn't it. We believe it is pine underneath all those latyers of paint - even though it looks quite "oak" in design. It has a small lift-off lid on the seat section to reveal some storage inside.
5'w x 17"d x 45"h

Item # A161 & A162 BOTH SOLD,
These little pews did not start off in life quite like this, if you click on the photo you will see that they used to have a prayer stand attached to them, we thought they may be more desirable as a little pair of pews. They can be split so if you only have room for one, do not rule these out.
41"w x 40"h


 Item # A216 SOLD
This is a really useful little bench, with a lift-up lid offering lots of storage space inside. A great place to keep your shoes...and then sit and put them on.
38"w x 20"d x 31"h

Item # E186 SOLD
This would be great for dumping all the kids shoes and bags in when they come in from school, and you can sit on it to put your shoes back on again. Check back on this in a weeks time, we have been asked to paint it but with the lid and the feet left waxed, its going to look gorgeous.
35"w x 21"d x 30"h



For Sale Item # ES101
This is a great old pine pew that we have made into a beautiful swan...don't believe me? have a look at the before picture by clicking on the photo.
105"w x 18"d x 36"h

Item # R149 SOLD
This box/bench is in really good condition, it is very strong and is a really good useful size.
67" x 20"

Item # R171 SOLD
This bench would be fabulous in the garden, you could store all of the bar b q gear in here. Equally, just as good inside the house for kids toys, or clothes to go in.
74" x 27"

Item # R150 SOLD
This bench is no shrinking violet. It may take up a bit of space, but it sure does provide heaps of storage too. There are two separate compartments.
76" x 19"

Item # E160 SOLD
This is a gorgeous bench, I know its not the time to be thinking gardens but hey, this would look just as good alongside the table in the kitchen, and just look at those two little drawers  on the sides. We have kept the original paintwork and just waxed over it, but if you want it painted differently or stripped and waxed - just shout.
75"w x 23"d x 37"h

Item # E161 SOLD
This is a very elegant looking bench, quite fine and not too bulky. Oh to have a hallway that this could just sit in. Well it ended up in a wonderful dining room.
70"w x 17"d x 40"h

Item # PA702 SOLD
This is a really nice original pew. Its nice because it is quite airy, not too heavy with solid backs and solid sides. You can't quite see it, but it has the little shelf along the back too, which is a nice touch.
96"w x 20"d x 34"h

Item # E185 SOLD 
Okay so these two little benches are not quite as old as we would have liked, but
they are quite practical. We have a nice lift-up storage compartment. Trust me it will  look better once it has been stripped and finished.
36"w x 17"d x 32"h


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