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Remember that we sell single bedsides too - it is not compulsory to buy two!


Item # O111 SOLD
I will probably put this on the cupboards page too as it is neither one thing or the other, it would make a very good sturdy bedside. All solid pine
21"w x 17"d x 3'h.

Item # O113 SOLD
This little bedside is all pine. It has quite a "rounded" look, but will still look good after its restored.

Item # O117 SOLD
This is a strange little cupboard, it used to be a safe believe it or not. It has a look that makes you think it is made of metal, but it is all solid pine.
20"w x 16"d x 26"h

Item # O103 SOLD
I have not had a real close look at this bedside, but I do think that it is pine under than grained paint

Item # O109 SOLD
This is a nice big pair of bedsides, all solid pine and a really good sturdy size too.
18"w x 14"d x 33"h


Item # O102 SOLD
Yes you are right, the drawer has been put in upside down in this bedside! Its a nice clean one though.

Item # O105 SOLD
This is a nice little unit, could go anywhere in the house really, does not have to be used in a bedroom.
18"w x 15"d x 30"h.

Item # O170 SOLD
This is a really smart pair of bedside cupboards. They are pine but if you click on the photo, for the before shot you can see why everyone was asking what wood they were.




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