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If you have a specific requirement, please do not hesitate to email us.
Remember that we sell single bedsides too - it is not compulsory to buy two!


Item # NAT802 SOLD
This little Victorian bedside has just arrived.
A full size door with no drawer.
14"w x 13"d x 31"h

Item # A191 SOLD
This is a cute little thing.
The three lower drawers open as you
would expect, but the top one lifts
up like an old-fashioned washstand.

Looks a bit different now doesn't it?

 Item #PM5204 SOLD
These little English bedsides are getting so hard to find these days. This is a good one with nice rounded edges and a panelled door.
15"w x 14"d x 30"h.

Item # W163 SOLD
This is a good sized pair of bedside cupboards, they are going to come up really clean, and I don't think they will hang around for long.

Item # W173 SOLD
These turned out lovely, they were not very pretty at the outset, but they ended up being a really nice, plain pair of bedsides. If you click on the photo you can see the before shot.

 Item # W192 SOLD
This is a stunning cupboard, with tonnes of detail all over it, I think its going to be a real stunner.

Item # W172 SOLD
These are a nice size, they are quite shallow and have come up really clean. If you click on the photo you can see the state they were in before we started.

Item # W171 SOLD
These landed and were sold within minutes, pretty scary paint which you can still see if you click on the photo.

 Item # W207 SOLD
This is an adorable little cupboard, can be used to go in any room of the house really, its nice and shallow and really solid.

Item # R101 SOLD
This pair of bedsides are as good as they come basically, all there, all in sound condition, these will look great once they are restored.
15.5"w x 13"d x 32"h

Item # R104 SOLD
This lovely pair of pine bedsides will look fabulous when they have been restored, and hopefully we will get to use all of the original handles.
16"w x 13"d x 31"h

Item # R166 SOLD
This is a good solid pair of pine bedsides - they always look much bigger when they have been painted white or cream.
18"w x 14"d x 31"h

Item # R110 SOLD
This pair of bedsides would probably benefit from a plinth around the bottom - but someone could come along and say they want to keep the space.
17"w x 14"d x 30"h


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