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Remember that we sell single bedsides too - it is not compulsory to buy two!


Item # H179 SOLD
This is a good strong pair of bedsides. They did not looking their best in the dark brown paint, but they  look great now we have restored them.
17"w x 13"d x 30"h


Item # E149 SOLD
These little cabinets are great, they are quite tall so would work just as well outside the bedroom. I am thinking either end of a sofa or something like that. If you are interested, you HAVE to ask me to send you the before will blow you away, I am sure.
17"w x 18"d x 35"h

 Item # AY1212 SOLD
Not the best photo ever I grant you, but you get the idea. This is a pair of quite low and wide bedsides with mottled paint. We have just stripped them and they are as clean as a whistle so watch this space for the after pic.
19.5"w x 15"d x 22"h

 Item # K121 SOLD
This is a nice simple pair of bedsides, may keep the feet or we may put a plinth all the way around the bottom. These turned out very well, and were sold before we even got them into the shop.
18"w x 14"d x 31"h

Item # R107 SOLD
Here is another pair that have the original backs with them, again I have both photos up here so you can decide whether you want them with the backs or without.
17"w x 14"d x 30"h


Item # R106 SOLD
These bedsides are quite interesting. They are a good sturdy size, and have the original little cupboards on the back too - you can take these off quite painlessly.
18"w x 15"d x 33"h


 Item # R108 SOLD
Again this pair look quite huge, but they are not much bigger than the others. The tops would have had glass in them, which we can replace if required - sometimes mirror works quite well on the tops too.
17"w x 15"d x 32"h

 Item # O115 SOLD
This is a nice looking little bedside, with the typical one drawer over one door combination
17"w x 13"d x 29"h.

 Item # O104 SOLD
Underneath the ice and snow this is a lovely little cupboard too. Wow, bit of a difference now isn't there?

Item # R102 SOLD
This is a very elegant pair of bedsides. We have just stripped these too and they have come out really really clean.
15"w x 13"d x 32"h


 Item # K123 SOLD
These are the cutest little bedside tables that I have seen in years, they have a little cupboard at the bottom, then an open space before the little drawer on the top. How smart do these look now, we have put pieces of mirrored glass in the top.
16"w x 12"d x 34"h

Item # O112 SOLD
 This is a cute little bedside, all stripped and restored with some wooden knobs on, it is going to look great.

Item # O114 SOLD
This is a very slim pair of bedsides, which will come into their own once they have been stripped and restored.
14"w x 12"d x 30"h

Item # O151 SOLD
This little single bedside is part of a bedroom suite that comprises of two single beds, two wardrobes and a dressing table.

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