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Bedside tables, nightstands, bedside cupboards, they have as many names as they have styles. We buy them in all shapes and sizes. We have even sold a pair of chest of drawers for either side of a bed, in a very large room.
So if you have a specific requirement, please do not hesitate to
email us.
Remember that we sell single bedsides too - it is not compulsory to buy two!


   For Sale Item # AY2616
Here is a really cute pair of pine bedsides. They are ideal if you need to have low units, they are going to look stunning once we have restored them.
16"w x 15"d x 24"h


  For Sale Item # AY3616
This is a really great pair of bedsides. They are quite large, but would compliment a tall bed brilliantly. They offer quite a lot of storage.
18"w x 14"d x 31"h

For Sale Item # T204
Here is a good sturdy little bedside.
18"w x 14"d x 29"h

 For Sale Item # A111
This little bedside will look a lot better once it has been stripped and restored.
16"w x 11"d x 34"h


 Item # A112 SOLD
This plain little bedside does actually have a drawer on the inside, which is a nice cute little feature.
16"w x 14"d x 32"h

Item # T137 SOLD
This little cupboard would have had marble or mirror in the top as it has the cut-out for it, we can either replace the top or put some mirror in for you.
16"w x 14"d x 31"h

For Sale Item # T139
This little cupboard looks quite "deco" in design - the little gallery on the back does not have to stay if you would rather it not be there.
19"w x 13"d x 30"h

 Item # T192 SOLD
This little cupboard has got quite a funky panel on the door, this is going to look great once we have restored it. Look we had to build up a little shelf on top of this bedside, doesn't it look terrrific.
18"w x 14"d x 29"h


For Sale Item # T138
This is a good strong little cupboard - will look just as good stripped and waxed as it would stripped and re-painted.
19"w x 14"d x 32"h

For Sale Item # T189
This is a good size little cupboard.
19"w x 12"d x 31"h

Item # R109 SOLD
This is quite an unusual pair - completely original, but the panel on the doors has the rounded shape at the bottom - where it would normally be at the top.
18"w x 14.5"d x 30"h

 Item # R159 SOLD
Now this is a good looking bedside cupboard. What wonderful detail, and in such good condition - this is going to look fantastic when its finished.
18"w x 14"d x 30"h

 Item # K124 SOLD
These bedsides are great because they are really low. Not everyone has a tall bed and we get asked for low ones all the time.
16"w x 13"d x 25"h

Item # R105 SOLD
This is a nice looking pair of bedsides, they look a bit deco-style with the patterns on the doors. Those little up-stands can be removed if required.
15"w x 14"d x 30.5"h



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