To find an old pine bed is almost impossible to do, therefore at Ministry of Pine we improvise. Single beds are a bit easier to lay your hands on, so double beds are born out of adjusting two singles...sounds bizarre? take a look at some of the ones we have photographed in the past.



This gorgeous double bed has been made using two single beds, which is not noticeable at all. These customers also bought a pair of bedside tables that matched and you have to admit the room looks great with these additions.

This bed was also made out of two singles, this had to be made a bit longer too as our customers were very tall.



 Item # O151 SOLD
This is a pair of pine single beds. They are 3' wide and will look great stripped. They are part of a suite with robes, dressing table etc...but they can be split into any combination.


This single bed is totally original, with the side that you get into being lower than the side that goes against the wall.  Very regal looking.


Item # C111 SOLD
This bed is such a one-off, looks like something out of the ginger-bread mans house. It is a large bed, being 6' in width, you would need quite a large room to put this one in.

This single bed was one of a pair, very pretty bed, ideal for a little girls room.


Yes, this really did end up as a child's bed, in a lake-house, of course, in the United States of America. What a lucky boy.

This was just a corner of our shop set up to show a bedroom. I think you have to agree that pine is pretty timeless, and old pine is always an investment.


This bed was made using solid panels from pews, even the sides are panelled.  



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