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Item # K109 SOLD
This set of shelves was a bit different, quite interesting with the deco styling and the little gallery around the top.


Item # K120 SOLD
Isn't this table cute? I thought it would make a great telephone table, but instead it is going to a new home in Japan.


Item # K173 SOLD
This is the longest set of shelves I have ever seen! It came out of a school where the children would keep their books each day. I think this would work quite well if it was cut in half lengthways and made into a nice pair. Well that's just what our customer thought too, and didn't they turn out well.
10'9"w x 7"d x 25"h


Item # K110 SOLD
Very nice little shelf unit. Would look good hung on the wall or stood on top of another piece of furniture. Three little drawers on the bottom.
40"w x 10"d x 37"h


 Item # E130 SOLD
A nice old pair of metal and wood chairs. These would have been used on a boat of some sort as they would have been bolted to the floor. I think if you click on the photo to see what they looked like before we restored them you will be quite amazed.


Item # S193 SOLD
This is such a wonderful pair of banks of drawers. All in solid pine, each flight has 12 small - but still useful sized drawers. Look good floor standing or wall hanging.

Item # C174 SOLD
This little shoe rack will look much better once it has been restored and had another shelf added to make it more user friendly.
22"w x 12"d x 26"h


Item # C108 SOLD
Ever heard the ugly duckling story? This will look really pretty...one day.
28"w x 10"d x 26"h


Item # K116 SOLD
This set of shelves has been made extra interesting by having two little drawers at the end of one of them, not sure what it was used for but it has a look.
74"w x 12"d x 62"h


Item # E168 SOLD
Look how gorgeous this little boot rack turned out. We backed it and painted it to match a dresser in our customers kitchen and it is now full of toys. Great.


Item # C145 SOLD
This old set of pigeon holes could have quite a few different uses couldn't it? Dried foods in a kitchen, shoes in a bedroom, cd's/dvd's in the living room, the different options available are really quite endless.
46"w x 19"d d 73"h  


Item # C125 SOLD
This is a good set of shelves, strong and a good size too. There is a little gallery across the top with little ears to the sides. We cut this one down to fit into an alcove, and it looked really, really cute.
49"w x 11"d x 60"h


Item # C109 SOLD
We always buy these little units when we find them as they can have so many uses and be the small space answer that so many people are looking for.
27"w x 11"d x 28"h


Item # R119 SOLD
This is a wonderful little cupboard. It obviously came out of a church. This would look fantastic in the corner of any room. The door is at the front and opens onto a large space that can be used for anything. Now doesn't this look fantastic now. It is such a good looking piece, and its quite spacious inside.
37"w x 31"d x 44"h


Item # C151 (front) SOLD
Wow! this is a shop counter and a half isn't it? The sliding doors to the front open onto very shallow shelves for you to display your wares. This unit turned out fabulous and has adorned the nicest gentlemen's outfitters in Windsor that I have ever seen. It looks stunning. Click on the pic to see how they bought it!!
88"w x 24"d x 33"h


Item # C151 (back)
Then on the other side we have two little drawers and two big spaces for shelves to be added - or more drawers. This would make a good room divider in a kitchen, where you could have the pretty things behind the glass facing into a dining room.


 Item # E149b SOLD
This is a really sweet little hanging cupboard. If you click on the photo you will see how it has come to be......think you will be impressed.
34"w x 11"d x 18"h


 Item # A127 SOLD

Item # A247 SOLD
This is such an unusual old bookcase. It is all made from dowels and its painted in the most lovely blue/grey paint, I hope we don't have to strip it for someone.
39"w x 12"d x 57"h

Item # OS107 SOLD
These are so good for decoration. We have taken a pair of Georgian Pine windows and replaced the glass with mirrors. We have left the furniture on them to add to the character. Would look great hung on a wall.
15"w x 2"d x 49.5"h


 Item # A122 SOLD
Again this set has been sold, and has to be altered to suit our customers needs.

 Item # A120 SOLD 
This set of shelves has been sold, but will end up being a completely different size and shape by the time we have finished. Watch this space.


Item # A121 SOLD
As with the shelves above, this set has also sold but to changed by height, and width so look out for the finished article.



 Item # A117 SOLD 


Item # OS207 SOLD
This is a large old Georgian Pine window that we have replaced the glass with mirrors. We have left the furniture on it for character.
24.5"w x 2"d x 49"h


Item # E211 SOLD
This was such a quirky little piece, we would have probably left it as open shelves. but our customers wanted a little cupboard with a door on with an oak or elm top to give them some storage in their downstairs toilet would you believe. So we re-topped it, and made a door for it and it turned out absolutely fabulous. 




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