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Here are some more pieces that do not quote fall into any other category. If you want to ask any questions at all, please send us an email or give us a call.


Item # BC208 SOLD
I knew who would buy this piece as soon as we bought it ourselves. The doors had to go to reveal a host of pigeon holes.

I wanted to show you these two pictures below. Our lovely customers came in to the shop and wanted to know if we could help them replace a wall full of new units that housed everything they needed in the dining room. No problem!


We chose a gorgeous dresser for display and storage - and preparing drinks on the pull out slide. A small dresser base for the drinks to be kept in and a wardrobe to convert to a bookcase for all of the books they had.
We showed them the first picture and said "trust us" - they did and boy were they happy.


For Sale Item # DJX01
Okay, its not everyone's idea of a piece of furniture, but we do get asked for them to be made into shelves or even coffee tables would you believe.

Item # JCX01 SOLD
This dentist's cabinet still smells of antiseptic, it does have lots of fun little compartments and slides.

So when a serious dog breeder asked us to come up with a space saving way of grooming and sleeping in the same area, we adapted a large pine chest of drawers. 
The top of the chest is the grooming surface, the top drawer was left in place for all the grooming products, the middle drawer removed completely and the lower drawer was removed and the frontage replaced just for looks. The new residents seemed to feel right at home.

Item # H159 SOLD 
These little boot racks always end up as really useful pieces of furniture. We normally get asked to add shelves and maybe a back.
27"w x 9" x 29"h

This really early vitrine was painted black on the inside with gold leaf edging.  It was really unusual in that it had two doors, the lower one having a solid panel.

Item # F184 SOLD
This Hungarian sofa has all the original covering, which is in such good condition for its age. The back can come off as well as the arms if you need to get into a tight space.

Item # H229 SOLD
This is just the most amazing...ice cream counter.
It has all the china pots and metal trays, it has a lead lined sink that kept the ice in.
It has beautiful panelling to three sides and would just make such a good island.


I have just posted this picture to let you know that we can put together a fire surround in most woods and in any design really, this was all in solid pine.

This pine secretaire was stunning, it had horizontal backboards, and all the drawers and shelves inside too.

This pair of piano stools were in excellent condition, with drawers to the front.
We took a photo of these to the USA and a dealer bought them there and then.

These pine drawers came out of a Victorian seed shop in Brighton, we had the iron stand made and it suddenly turned into a piece of furniture.

We get asked for fire surrounds quite a lot.
Everyone wants something different.
We used some really early corbels for this dark one.

This large pine one had to have some fancy detailing to the front.

This is the mother of all banks of drawers.
We spent more replacing the knobs than we did to buy the piece.

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