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If you have any requests for "odd" things, it really is worth dropping us an email and asking, you would be surprised at the sort of things we get to see, and the sheer quantity too.


Item # A145 SOLD
You may see this in a couple of other places on this site, I have not decided yet.
Click on the image to see how it looked
when we bought it.

Item # A186 - SOLD
This is a very rare piece. A bran bin with
drawers above it, and
the lid flaps towards you rather than away.
This was reserved on just a photo by a very loyal customer before it had arrived here.
Click on the photo for the before shot.

Item # A132 SOLD
How cute is this? It is all pine and all there.
The slides lift up for ease of getting baby out.
Click on the image for the before shot.

 Item # E180 SOLD
This long shelf was used to store galvanised pots. Something like that behind that front rail would look quite effective actually, we can make any changes at all.
63"w x 13"d x 35"h

Item # A193 SOLD
This is a different piece. If you click on the image you can see what it looked like when we bought it.
Slides on one side and drawers in the other, both with pull out bread-slides above them. The original pine top has been replaced with a solid oak one to match the rest of this customers kitchen that we built.

Item # R114 SOLD
This cute little side table looks a lot better now it has been restored and had a little shelf added. Click to see the before pic.


Item # R134 SOLD
This was a really unusual shelf unit, very rustic with three little drawers

Item # S120 SOLD
This is one of those really useful pieces of furniture. I didn't know whether to post it under dressers, or desks or buffets, or cupboards. Its all of those things really. As you can see it opens up to allow you to sit at it and work on a lap-top or small pc. There is quite a bit of storage space underneath too. The top part does lift off.
40"w x 20"d x 70"h

This was a really unusual piece.
It is a Hungarian washstand with a lift-up lid. Quite clever, in that you kept the bowl inside and could close down the top so it was not on display the whole time

Item # K150 SOLD
This is a cute little thing, they make great hall tables for the phone to sit on - how old do I sound, does anyone have a phone in the hall anymore!
34"w x 10"d x 31"h


Item # A132 SOLD
This little shelf unit ended up as a hanging cupboard - but that is quite a bit different to how it started off. Click the image to see.

Item # A203 - SOLD
This is such a cute size - great for
hanging on the wall too.
Click on the image to see how sad it looked when we bought it.

 Item # A198 SOLD
This did end up as a TV cupboard, if you click on image you can see just what a transformation this has gone through.

Item # A181 - SOLD
This has just been sold for extra storage
for customers that have just had one of our kitchens.
Click on the image to see how it looked when they chose it.





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