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Item # A222 SOLD
Thought I would post this piece on here as it is not your classic dresser base. Have a look at the before photo when you click on the after one to see what we started with



For Sale Item # T209
This is a very interesting piece. At first glance it looks like a two door cupboard, but if you look closely you will see that only one of those panels is actually a door. This is a really early, rustic little piece.
38"w x 20"d x 39"h

For Sale Item # T210
Now I know that you are thinking that this little fella is a bit beyond repair, but have faith, we can breathe new life into this piece. Its quite exciting finding out what it will look like once it has been sold.
39"w x 17"d x 41"h

For Sale Item # T211
Now this cupboard is not going to win any beauty contests as it stands, but with a total overhaul and complete restoration it is going to be a really great cupboard.
36"w x 14"d x 41"h

For Sale Item # T212
I know this little cupboard looks a tad boring right now - but you have to look beyond that, the door could be glazed, or even painted a different colour to the rest of the unit - it might even end up with the door off.
36"w x 20"d x 39"h

For Sale Item # T229
Cute little cabinet. This would benefit from another shelf in the centre, and a darn good stripping and restoring.
29"w x 13"d x 28"h

For Sale Item # T184
I imagine that this shelf unit will end up looking quite different to how you see it here. Watch this space to find out.
40"w x 9"d x 57"h

For Sale Item # T185
This is a really sturdy, good looking shelf unit. It has a nice little cornice around the top and the shelves are a good distance apart.
53"w x 12"d x 47"h

Item # NC107 SOLD
Here we have a lovely old Cello case...with a new use. If you click on the before pic, you will see that we have put shelves inside so that you can actually use it to store bits, whilst still looking like a great, unusual piece of furniture.

For Sale Item # T186
Nice set of tall shelves - with some pretty - pineapple like shape to the top. Remember that these shelves can be altered to suit, cut-down, have a back put on, altered in height, width, painted, waxed - you decide.
36"w x 9"d x 59"h

For Sale Item # T179
This is a good size little shelf unit. It has open sides so it does not look to heavy.
34"w x 13"d x 30"h

For Sale Item # T174
This is a nice little side table, it has nice tapered legs and a "H" stretcher
27"w x 19"d x 24"h

 Item # T180 SOLD
This is going to look gorgeous when we have finished it, we are going to turn it upside down and build two doors for it, watch this space...
29"w x 9"d x 31"h

Item # E129 SOLD
This is a great piece for a home office. Its a great combination of shelving and a nice bank of drawers down the side too. What a great transformation, I love it when Kate decides to decorate her boys rooms! Another stunning piece to add to your collection my dear, great colours too.
55"w x 9"d x 41"h

Item # A220 SOLD
This is a stunning set of shelves. It is so deep, and offers so much space. It has a small cornice around the top and three lower shelves. Look how we altered it to suit our lovely customers in Backwell - click on the pic to see how it was finished when they first laid eyes on it.
56"w x 16"d x 55"h

Item # E184 SOLD
This is a stunning set of shelves. Its a really good size and has great turnings down the front edges, its heavy too!
60"w x 12"d x 38"h


 Item # H182 SOLD
This is going to end up in someone's kitchen I think. Its an old unit from a Hungarian Barbers shop, you can see where the two chairs would have been. This could really end up looking so different with so many options. We will leave this one until somebody comes along and decides what they want us to do with it. So we have our instructions now, we are going to build two pairs of doors for the spaces. This is going to look fabulous once we have finished it - watch this space.
96"w x 20"d x 32"h

For Sale Item # T181

For Sale Item # T182

 Item # E162 SOLD
This is one of the prettiest little sets of shelves I have seen in years. It is a really sturdy structure with two little shelves at the top and a detailed gallery around the top. We could put a plinth around the bottom.
36"w x 13"d x 46"h



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