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There are some items for sale here - they will be identified by an item number next to the picture. the rest of the pictures are historical items that we have sold.

If you have any requests for "odd" things, it really is worth dropping us an email and asking, you would be surprised at the sort of things we get to see, and the sheer quantity too.


For Sale Item # T165
Don't let your eyes fool you. This beautiful old chopping block is tiny! I will put it on the kitchen pages too, it is just adorable. Would work well in a kitchen as a portable block that you could just lift up onto your worktop when you needed it.
9.5" x 10"


 Item # A116 SOLD

Item # C110 SOLD
This is a cute little one, if our customer can fit it on the wall, we are going to turn it upside down, so the drawers are at the bottom and make two little doors for the top part, watch this space. You have to click on the picture to see what it looked like.
28"w x 11"d x 27"h


For Sale Item # A118
This is one of those little units that you never knew you wanted until you saw it, then you wonder how you ever managed without it.

For Sale Item # A119

For Sale Item # T171
This little side tale has a nice shelf quite high up, so useful for leaning over the arm of the sofa or something.
24"w x 16"d x 29"h

For Sale Item # T172
This is a nice little height for having at the side of the sofa - and the shelf means there is somewhere to leave the book when the wine takes over.
23"w x 15"d x 27"h

For Sale Item # T173
This table is a good gap-filler, would be useful in a bedroom, or next to a desk for some extra space.
24"w x 16"d x 26"h

For Sale Item # A134

Item # K152 SOLD
This is such a well made rack. It has three good sized shelves and then as a bonus the little cupboard at the bottom actually slides open.
38"w x 11"d x 44"h

For Sale Item # K132
Here is another interesting piece - I am glad I have a section called "and then some" because I am not really sure where I would put this otherwise.
39"w x 14"d x 41"h

For Sale Item # A136

For Sale Item # E131
This is a little apprentice piece that someone made a long time ago. Its like a miniature little table.

For Sale Item # T220
28"w x 9"d x 29"h

For Sale Item # T221
28"w x 9"d x 27"h

For Sale Item # T222
24"w x 11"d x 28"h

For Sale Item # T223
28"w x 9"d x 26"h

For Sale Item # T224
29"w x 12"d x 26"h

 Item # T225 SOLD
30"w x 10"d x 27"h

For Sale Item # T226
31"w x 9" x 28"

 Item # T227 SOLD
Yes this really is the same piece! We took one of those little boot racks and we have added a glass door and a thin drawer at the bottom all to the exact requirements of our customers who want it for their collection of rubiks cubes.
28"w x 9"x 28"h

For Sale Item # T228
28"w x 10"d x 27"h

 Item # A246 SOLD 
This is such a cute little enamel stove. Would work great on a boat or just out in the garden for fun.


Item # T201 SOLD
This little cart is an absolute beauty. It is so well made, you hold on to the shaft and it is so well balanced. Not sure what it will end up as yet, hopefully we do not have to strip it and it stays in this lovely original green paint.

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