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We had no idea what to call this section, it contains everything from pharmacies, sleighs and coffins, to ice-cream counters, dentistry cabinets and horse drawn carts.  It also contains all the items that did not come under any other of the headings on this site, like bookcases.  So quite a tough selection to label.

There are some items for sale here - they will be identified by an item number next to the picture. the rest of the pictures are historical items that we have sold.

If you have any requests for "odd" things, it really is worth dropping us an email and asking, you would be surprised at the sort of things we get to see, and the sheer quantity too.



 For Sale Item # PD11015
We don't get a lot of corner units. As they go, this old one is quite a good looking and useful one. It is a good size, and has the added benefit of an open section at the top for display items and the door at the bottom can hide a multitude of sins.
47"w x 20"d x 81"h
119cm x 51cm x 205cm

For Sale Item # ES102 
Now just take a look at this beautiful item. Whether you want to own it or not, you have to admire it. It is all old mahogany that has been painted, but the beauty lies in the little "secretaire" section that lies behind the drawer front. Even in this modern age of tablets and teeny tiny computers, this would still make a great place to sit and try to remember where you put things in all of those drawers.
47"w x 22"d x 86"h
119cm x 56cm x 219cm


For Sale Item # ES202 
This piece would compliment the item above perfectly. Equally this linen press would work just as well in a kitchen as a larder or in a childs bedroom for clothes. The slides are all original and work perfectly.
47"w x 21"d x 81"h
119cm x 53cm x 205cm

For Sale Item # T141
This little wall cupboard is just so cute. It has two doors that open, and two fixed panels. The glass can be replaced with timber or clear glass. It has a good shape.
30"w x 9"d x 20"h

For Sale Item # RA1216
This is a really useful piece of furniture. Talk about many uses. Its an old apple rack, the whole thing comes into individual pieces, so its much easier to transport that you might first imagine.
7'w x 32"d x 8'h

 For Sale Item # AG104
This is an old engineers piece from the old Coachworks in Bristol. I don't have a clue how it will end up - it is metal and wood and would look great in a kitchen as an island, or maybe just a funky shiny metal bank of drawers in a bedroom.
25.5"w x 24"d x 33"h

For Sale Item # A131
This is a really useful little thing. It has hooks across the top for hanging, but you can hang both sides. Its quite good that you can just pick it up and move it around.
34"w x 57"h

 Item # T162 SOLD
Here is another pair of the little tables. They can be used for so many things - they are a really cute size too.
15" x 15" x 18"

Item # AY3914 SOLD
This is such a great piece. It is all pine with seven drawers and all the original handles. We have added the plinth around the bottom, so that now it looks really good on the floor.
32"w x 14"d x 15"h

 Item # T163 SOLD
This little pair of side tables have a drawer in them too. At last somewhere to throw all those remote control devices!
16.5" x 16.5" x 19"

 For Sale Item # E229
This piece is just gorgeous, I defy anyone to dislike it. It would have stood on a base many years ago, but what great shapes in this gallery top. This would work as a wall hanging piece, or on top of a base or even a floor standing piece.
34"w x 15"d x 30"h

 Item # E143 SOLD
This is a great old glass cabinet, would have been used for medical supplies, but they make great cabinets for home. We have a tall glass and metal cabinet with all of our hi-fi and audio equipment in.
30"w x 16"d x 51"h



 For Sale Item # C172
Okay so its not every day you need a Czechoslovakian horse-drawn taxi....but wouldn't it look great at Christmas time full of presents and a big fat Santa.

 For Sale Item # T177
This is a great little unit, they work well in a hallway as somewhere to throw your shoes as you walk in the door.
32"w x 10"d x 31"h





  Item # T198 SOLD
How important would you feel sitting in a grand chair like this one. Great for hallways where you can sit to change your shoes - and also store them in the seat that has a lift-up lid. Look how fabulous and cute it looked once we had re-sized it for our lovely customers.
28"w x 18"d x 70"h

Item # T126 SOLD
This is a really useful little cupboard. It is a good height and has three little drawers. I think this will benefit from being re-painted.
16"w x 16"d x 20"h

For Sale Item # A108
I know, I know its not something that you see everyday, I bet there are not that many of you that know its actually a Serbian Box/bed. Yes its a box with a lid that pulls out to become a bed.
34"w x 34"d x 36" extending to 5'8"


For Sale Item # T127
This is quite robust little cupboard. Looks like it should be a safe of some sort. I am sure this will be lovely once we have restored it all.
14.5"w x 14.5"d x 19"h

For Sale Item # T128
Here is another robust little cupboard - I think everyone has got room for a little unit like this one, by the bed, by the sofa, in the bathroom.
15"w x 16"d x 20"h

 Item # T129 SOLD
Here we have the best of both worlds. A dinky little cupboard with a drawer on the top. the legs could be cut off if you would rather something more flush to the floor.
16"w x 16.5"d x 20"h



For Sale Item # H165
This little baby crib was on our shopping list of things to look out for. We were thrilled to find one that fitted the bill. It has been restored and finished now and we have replaced the little under drawer too. If you click on the photo you can see the drawer open and one of the side rails lifted up. It really is a wonderful piece.


For Sale Item # MW309
I thought about this a long time before I settled on this page. As I was not sure what to call this lovely piece. If you click on the photo you will see that it did have all the markings for a faux chest of drawers decorated on the front, so we have gone with that by adding the knobs....however, at the end of the day it is more like a bran bin, with just an opening at the top and all hollow inside. Great for clothes or kids toys.
46"w x 22"d x 38"h


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